• What is the equation for transport time of smoke as related to ceiling height?

    I have been looking through the appendix B of NFPA 72 and I cannot find an equation where I can get the transport time of smoke as a correlated to the ceiling height. For example, I am trying to find the time it would...
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  • NFPA 101 Offices Inside Boiler Room/ Egress

    Hi, I have a question. We are looking at renovating an open boiler room space by adding two enclosed offices on the same floor/space as our boilers. The open space currently has three exits and will remain this w...
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  • spacing between hydrants

    What is the maximum spacing between fire hydrants in local public streets in Industrial cities?the below table relates it to the flow requirements which is not clear for me .which flow is intended My case is the pu...
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  • Determination of Aircraft Hangar Group

    would a hangar consturcted out of PEMB with a SF area of 16,250 SF, an office space within the hangar of 1,800 SF and an eave height of 35ft...be considered a Group 2 or Group 3 hangar?
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  • Ordinary Sprinkler Height Requirement for Storage Area

    Hello Every body, In one of my project of Railway depot there is a storage area of 14 meter ceiling height. But the storage height is less than 3.7 meter. My question are: Can I use ordinary sprinklers to protect th...
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    Hello Experts,   Can anyone help me out with Types of Fire Protection and detection system used in Road Tunnels / Metro Tunnels with NFPA codes and standards to be followed.   Hope for prompt responses. &#...
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  • Does NFPA 30 apply to a class IIIA combustible liquid?

    Hello my question is regarding the applicability of NFPA 30 to a class IIIA combustible liquid. Suppose my mixture's flashpoint is at 150 degrees F. So it's not a "flammable liquid" under NFPA classification but only...
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  • NFPA 1192 certification

    How does a company get their product certified in regards to the NFPA 1192 standard?
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  • Research Foundation completes project on topic of maintaining proficiencies within the fire service

    Lately there has been discussion about the topic of recertification in the fire service in some industry publications, and there seems to be some confusion or misperceptions about our recent activity. Here is the hist...
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  • Public Inputs Received on NFPA 1000 Standard for Fire Service Professional Qualifications Accreditation and Certification Systems to Be Taken up at January Meeting

    NFPA 1000 Standard for Fire Service Professional Qualifications Accreditation and Certification Systems has just begun the next revision cycle. Several Public Inputs (recommended changes) were submitted for the next e...
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  • Rationale and Application of 50 V Threshold in NFPA 70E

    Good Day,   In the process of setting appropriate safe work conditions for use on various pieces of electrical equipment, the team at my organization has uncovered some questions on appropriately applying the 50...
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  • Electric Siren with Fire Alarm system

    Can we connect electric Siren with fire alarm system????
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  • New power line safety technology holds promise for reducing wildfire ignitions

    Recent research on electrical power line problems may help prevent wildfire ignitions. B. Don Russell, Ph.D.,  an electrical engineering professor at Texas A&M, and his research team have created a ...
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  • Sprinkler requirements in small telecommuciation closet

    Is it required to install a sprinkler head in a small telecommunication closet (not located in a residential building)?  Is there a minimum size to be considered according to NFPA 13?   Aside of residential...
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  • temporary water supply

    In regards to fire watches in a hospital setting, what exactly are they looking for in establishment of a temporary water supply.#lifesafety 
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  • Removing cover from electrical panel with dead front in place

    Good Afternoon,    When removing covers from electrical panels but leaving the deadfront in place are employees required to wear Arc Flash protection and follow approach boundaries? This is commonly done fo...
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  • AOR

    Is it not in line with NFPA 72 to have the horn/strobes in the AOR, silenced due to not being able to hear the voice-intercom in that area or maybe using a different tone/sound, like a chime only in the AOR?
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  • what is the type of fire alarm system for aluminium extrusion plant ?

    This Plant is used for producing Cans  It consists of an oven and extrusion machine and painting machines (spray) The Production Area = 3500 M2 The height of the Production Area is 11 m The number of lin...
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    Red triangle Stickers are often pasted on the window of tall buildings as firemen access. My question is, In this technological era, do you think the firemen must break the glass window with a hammer to save people? I...
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  • Occupancy in Kitchen Storage

    For Commercial Kitchens, are Walk-In Coolers and Dry Storage considered occupied space and if so, is the occupancy 500SF/Person? (2018 NFPA 101 Table  Storage Use for other than Mercantile Occupancies)
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