• Scooters and Charging

    Is there any code reference to these new scooters for charging requirements and protection for their charging stations?
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  • Field relabeling

    Are there classes/ certifications for field labeling( Rated Door frames/ Rated doors) ? If so can you point me in the right directions. Thanks
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  • Sprinklers in bulk grain storage warehouse

    I am working on a unshelled peanut storage warehouse and I can't find in the code  where it is exempt from sprinkler system in this warehouse.   In my 40 years of experience you never want to install sp...
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  • #101Wednesdays: The Home Fire Death Conundrum - Part 1 of a Series

    How did I get here? When you read an average of a half-dozen home fire death stories every day for a month, it changes you. That’s not hyperbole; I did and it changed me. At the conclusion of 2019, I wrote ...
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  • NFPA 70 700.16  Egress Lighting

    Hi, My question is in regards to the second paragraph of 700.16 which states:   "Emergency lighting systems shall be designed and installed so that the failure of any individual lighting element, such as the bur...
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  • Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres Ref.

    I am undertaking an experimental study regarding oxygen-enrichment in a room due to a potential oxygen leak to determine the need to install oxygen monitors or not. NFPA 53 defines an oxygen-enriched atmosphere as...
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  • Does a combustible attic space require sprinkler coverage?

    I need some advice on determining if an attic space is considered a "concealed space" or not and when it requires sprinkler protection. There are so many interpretations of what attics are considered.   My...
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  • Transformer Secondary Conductors

    NEC 240.21 (C) states that conductors are permitted to be connected to a transformer secondary without overcurrent protection at the secondary. It further states that 240.4(B) is not permitted.  240.4(B) is for n...
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  • NFPA 130: 2017

    1) Is Clause 6.2.5 is applicable for Cable troughs (cable trenches or boxes) running on rail viaduct/tunnels?   2) Chapter 12 applicable all locations of metro buildings (stations, viaduct, tunnels, at grade etc...
  • Interpretation of NFPA 130: 2017 clause 12.4.1 & 12.4.4

    Question 1: Whether NFPA 130: 2017, chapter 12 requirements are applicable to Trainways (Metro rail Viaduct/tunnels) as mentioned under clause 12.1.1. Please confirm?   Question 2: As per NFPA 130: 201...
  • NFPA 1:  Fundamental electrical safety requirements in the Fire Code

    Special thanks to Val Ziavras, Fire Protection Engineer at NFPA and Staff Liaison to the Fire Code Technical Committee, for writing this week’s Fire Code Fridays blog.    A recent viral video has bee...
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  • power from multiple sources

    Two industrial control panels, 480/60/3 are installed on a machine system. Each has a disconnect switch. One panel houses variable frequency drives, and the low-volt signal wiring for the drives is derived from the ot...
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  • 02 cylinder signage question

    I work in a healthcare facility. While doing an inspection the other day, I came across O2 cylinders properly labeled full and empty and were divided the correct way. There is no door needed to access this room w...
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  • Determine available arc fault value

    I am currently supporting development of a contractor electrical safety program w/ implementation of NFPA 70e. My question is regard determination of  Fault Current (Available) in order to satisfy the use of...
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  • A Better Understanding of 70E: Take My Poll to Help Me Better Address Electrical Safety Topics You Need to Know About

      Time flies. I have been the staff liaison for NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace  for the past two cycles. I have fielded hundreds of electrical safety questions from employer and e...
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  • DTM- Safer smoke alarms

    Open video

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  • Steam Boilers running on LPG in basements

    Is there any restriction to install a steam boiler running on LPG in basements? What are the available ventilation systems to prevent the accumulation of LPG in case of leak. 
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  • Chemical Store Protection

    I am going to design a flame detector in a chemical store so any one give me NFPA raferance.
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  • Fire Protection to Fire Water Piping in LPG Sphere Dike?

    Greetings to everyone, I have a question:   In my company we have LPG storage spheres, these have their own water spray protection system in case of nearby fire. Now the AHJ says that it is necessary to install ...
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  • Can you disable a smoke detector temporarily with a dust bag for maintenance work?

    Hot work needs to be done in a school, a four inch steel pipe needs to be cut to be specific. Is it against code to cover the nearby detector with a dust bag temporarily while the Hot Work is being performed?  My...
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