• Storage tank buildings

    To whom it may concern:   I am hoping that you are fine. My name is Jorge Cabrera and I work as an engineer in a public entity of Chile regarding electricity and fuel industry. I express the following some doubt...
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  • Classification around digester gas storage

    Classification around digester gas storage: NFPA 820-2020 calls for Division 1 within 3m around digester gas storage tanks, valve, etc. However, there is no requirements on Division 2.  NEC specifies that there...
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  • NEC 2020 not available in PDF!

    It is extremely disappointing that unlike NEC 2017 and its handbook, the NEC 2020 edition and its handbook are not available in PDF format that you can store on your computer as a digital resource and access it a...
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  • Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem: Skillsets are Incomplete Without Key Safety Component

    A skilled worker who overlooks safety is not a skilled worker.                          ...
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  • max. allowance of sprinkler head by floor on OH group!

    I'm working on sprinkler system of one airport terminal, my problem is that the height of sprinkler head in some part of grid goes up to 9.7 m from the floor. The system is calculated with OH2 group. May need to upgra...
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  • NFPA 86 Exlosion Relief Requirement Exceptions

    Hello,  I am looking for information on how, or if iti  possible to take exception to NFPA 86 explosion relief requirements for Class A & B Natural Gas fired Ovens. My situation: I have an oven design th...
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  • University hacks wildfire challenges with new perspectives

    In response to recent wildfires that have devastated California communities, Stanford University’s Bill Lane Center for the American West hosted the 2020 Big Earth Hackathon that brought university students toge...
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  • Subsurface Foam Injection

    The SFPE Handbook and various vendors advise that subsurface injection of foam is not recommended for internal, floating roof tanks.  Are there any studies or incidents that support this position? Thanks
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  • As a plumber do you need EH rated shoes?

    Hi,   I've just joined and have a question about plumbing work. If I'm working on a sink with a disposal, are EH rated shoes needed. I never thought about it before but my friend mentioned that he wouldn't do a ...
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  • Classification question

    The City of Napoleon is working toward modifications for our WWTP disinfection facility. The building is currently open on three sides, with a solid roof and contains two (2) ultraviolet (UV) disinfection channels. Th...
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  • Jaime Gutiérrez to build on NFPA’s long history of helping public and private authorities improve life safety in Latin America

    NFPA has a new international development director advancing government responsibility, fire and life safety infrastructure, code compliance, emergency response strategies, public education, and trade skills developmen...
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  • transformer pool equipment grounding

    I have water fountain decorative NEC 2014 Section 680 Part V and for lights using pool transformer isolated primary 120V to secondary 12VAC RMS. Lights are no niche 12 VAC RMS.   Following questions: a.  T...
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  • Summer fires raise awareness about how to keep mulch decorative and not destructive

    A handful of mulch fires in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island,  has led the Office of the Fire Marshal to educate residents about where to place mulch, how to maintain it, and how to keep it from igniting in dr...
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  • Receptacles with USB ports

    We are beginning a renovation of one of our long term care units in a nursing home here in ny. The contractor wants to install decora receptacles with usb ports by the patient beds, is this an approved application by ...
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  • Supervising Station

    Hello! good morning. I am new. This is my first post. I need your help please.   I want to implement a "supervising station alarm system" in the company I work for, but my boss ask me about the benefits of do it...
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  • Storage Building specifications

    Is there a specification that when constructing a storage building separate from the nursing home, that it has to be so many feet away from the NH??  if so, can you tell me how much and where in the regulations i...
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  • What is a sprinkler system break? (NFPA 13)

    In NFPA 13 (2019) point or errata 13-19-2 point specifies "Draft curtains separating ESFR sprinklers at system breaks or (...) shall be permitted."   Is a system break the space between two...
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  • Residential  FDC

    Do residential sprinklers require a 1 1/2" IDC FOR Duplexes?
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  • Beam spacing clarification for smoke detectors nfpa 72

    Need clarification on NFPA-72, section for beam pockets and waffle type beam configurations.   it says beam spacing greater or less than 40%...is this beam spacing referring to both width and length...
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  • Can we calculate fire water requirements for a hydrocarbon well drilling site/rig site?

    Drilling rigs usually have their own fixed water spray system but how can we, as a client ensure that it is sufficiently designed? Secondly, is there a requirement of any additional firewater inventory to cool down th...
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