• 430.32(B)?

    430.32(B). What is a automatically started motor and what is a non automatically started motor? 
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  • NFPA Approved Hydraulic Calculation Software

    I am Fire & Safety Contractor in Pakistan. Question No 1 : Is any hydraulic Software that APPROVED by NFPA. Actually my new client's buyer requirement that type of software accepted that will approved by NFPA an...
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  • Missing data Plates for Fire Pumps

    We have completed several inspections over the past month with data plates missing from Fire Pumps. This is a yellow tag itself , however it creates a red tag as we don't have the performance data for the fire pump to...
  • Flow testing of hydrants and FHC.

    Please mention the standard/s and clauses mentioning the  flow test/ other acceptable tests for 1) fire hydrants 2) hose  cabinets
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  • COVID-19. No perdamos la esperanza.

      Hoy, ahora, como bomberos además de seguir enfrentándonos al temido humo de incendio, nos invade una enfermedad por coronavirus llamada COVID-19. Como si de un thriller  de terror se tratase ...
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  • Changes to NFPA 1582

    Are there any proposed changes to NFPA 1582 that address the findings of recent cancer studies that indicate firefighters are at a higher risk for cancer.  I am specifically interested in changes to the sections ...
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  • NFPA 101 Section 14.3.5

    NFPA 101 2012 Section 14.3.5: This section limits non-sprinklered educational occupancy to 12,000 s.f. But it is silent on what type of fire separation to use for the fire area if the total building is more that 12,00...
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  • NFPA Develops Guidance to Address Fire and Life Safety Challenges in Temporary and Traditional Health Care Facilities 

      With an anticipated surge of COVID-19 patients in communities nationwide, health care locations are being modified to provide more beds, existing buildings are being repurposed, and temporary structures are bei...
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  • NFPA 13 & 13R

    I have a multi use building in the planning stage. It will be 3 stories tall. The basement will be storage and 1 apartment unit. The first floor will be a restaurant. And the third floor will be 3 apartment units. The...
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  • Occupancy Changes and Emergency Declarations

    During the current national emergency, and the push to create spaces for patients, how does NFPA 99 and NFPA 101 relate to occupancy changes? Specifically, if a hospital wants to use a hotel for patients, would the ho...
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  • powder paint dust collectors

    How often should I have my explosion proof dust collectors inspected for the powder paint booths   Sammy Clayton Enviromental and Safety Administrator Newton Instrument Company 111 East "A" Street Butner, NC...
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  • Fire Hydrant Piping Leak

    we have recently commissioned our fire network consisting of fire hydrants and sprinklers. During the commissioning of fire pumps, it was found that pressure is dropping in the fire hydrant underground piping network ...
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  • Inquiry- protection of rubber tire storage in racks by CMDA sprinklers. Storage above 3,7m

    Good Morning   I’m a designer at sprinkler company in Poland   Our membership number is 3162872. We have a technical issue.   We have to protect tire storage in racks by the sprinkler installation...
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  • Keeping Up with Electrical Safety Training in a World of Social Distancing

    As of December 2019, our world has forever changed. A global pandemic has much of world in lockdown hoping to stem the spread of COVID-19 by practicing “social distancing.” Some of us have seen a reduction...
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  • COVID-19 have you cooped up? Take advantage of FREE online training from NFPA

      As the coronavirus dominates news reports, conversations, video chats, and social media threads - most people are reaching their saturation point.   The pandemic took hold in the US, just as much of the ...
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  • Fire Pump

    Dear NFPA   Does NPFA 20 strictly specify that a Fire Pump should be ULFM Listed? Our country’s fire code looks at NFPA Standards as a basis for designing fire protection systems.  I want to know al...
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  • Your Data Toolbox in the Age of COVID-19: Feeding Your Community Risk Assessment

    While we owe an immeasurable debt of gratitude to our healthcare workers, first responders, and grocery store employees in this war against COVID-19, we should also offer a tip of the hat to the data scientists workin...
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  • Remote fire systems

    Greetings, Does anyone have some really good fire system ideas for remote generation. Imagine that you have 60 locations and getting service in these areas is expensive and sometimes not possible due to weather. ...
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  • Getting creative about wildfire preparedness

    Within just the last few weeks, our world has changed dramatically. New federal guidelines have appeared to combat COVID-19, the deadly and contagious coronavirus. Governors of many states have banned large gatherings...
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  • Do the ventilation requirement set forth in chapter 9 of the NFPA99 only apply to storage of gases equal to or grater than 3,000 cubic ft. at STP per section 11.3.1 of the 2015 NFPA99?

    If so the only times a 500 CFM fan would not be required is if there where at least 2 systems installed in the same room dividing the 3,000 cubic foot down so that a smaller fan could be installed for the largest head...
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