• Determining of Design Area in Hotel Building

    Hi,       i need expert opinion on subject mentioned, I m working in MEP contracting company as a mechanical engineer, I need to perform fire sprinkler hydraulic calculation for one of our pr...
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  • Fire Protection requirement for Conveyor Belts

    I have a question regarding the requirements to protect conveyor belts. Is there any requirement for fire protection of conveyor belt other than NFPA that are regarding coal mines? I want to know whether NFPA have th...
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  • Sprinkler instead of fire rated doors

    I have an Ambulatory Surgery Center that needs a 1 hour fire rating to separate it from the adjacent functions in a medical office building and it is under the NFPA 101 2012 edition. The waiting room has existing glas...
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  • What is the difference between a sprinkler design and a sprinkler installation, to what extent does each person's responsibility

    #In a sprinkler design already reviewed by the Design Engineer, can the installer add more sprinklers to the system without letting the designer know? Or it is the designer who should review this new owner requirement...
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  • A Utah wildfire reminds us that fireworks can be the ember

    A late June wildfire in Utah that burned 467 acres and forced the evacuation of over 100 residents from 42 homes has been linked to teens playing with a Roman candle firework that ignited a hillside before spreading i...
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  • SJ/SO cord conductor color use

    I have a heating unit that is supplied 3 phase (with ground) power via an SJ/SO type of cord (it may be either 230 or 460).  The question is about conductor colors within manufactured cables: do I have to re-iden...
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  • Re-entry into Passageway

    Hi everyone, with regard to NFPA 101 Exit Passageways 7.2.6, does the code permit re-entry into the building from the passageway? The passageway was built to bring exits within allowable travel distances for a large s...
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  • Electrical and Telecommunication Rooms need automatic sprinkler or not.

    Dear NFPA,   My project is 3 story residential building, whole building is sprinkled including service rooms. 1) Electrical Room is not sprinkled. 2) Telecommunication Room is equipped with telephone racks and...
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  • Water supply for Sprinkler system plus Outside Hose

    I have a question about the selection of pump capacity and water tank size,    As per my requirement, water demand for sprinkler system will be 1400gpm plus 250gpm for outside hose = 1650 gpm...
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  • Recommended Testing Point for Firepump

    At which point is it recommended to perform a fire pump performance test: 1) At the furthest point of the system 2) At the fire pump Can anyone answer this? Thanks
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  • With public displays cancelled, video urges people to avoid consumer fireworks and burden on front line workers

    UPDATE: With July 4 weekend just days away and Canada Day celebrations happening today (July 1), we want to remind everyone about the dangers of consumer fireworks. The blog post below highlights the damage incurred b...
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  • People with disabilities, buildings and COVID-19: 5 steps to ensure accessibility for all

    In the past several months COVID-19 has impacted the globe with significant health, safety and economic challenges. Unfortunately, these challenges have, at times, disproportionately impacted those within the disabili...
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  • Fire Pump/Underground water storage tank

    Anyone have any suggestions on a fire pump being located inside a building and 70000 gallon tank under a building.There is no direct access into the room. Everything I am seeing is that the room needs to be 2 hr rated...
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  • NFPA announces new Board member and officers

    NFPA announced its new Officers and the election of Dr. Denis Onieal to its Board of Directors.   Amy Acton, a burn survivor and former burn nurse and nurse manager, has been named Chair of the NFPA Board. For o...
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  • Max. height from floor of sprinkler heas

    I'm design a terminal OH2 and height of sprinkler head in one part of grid is up to 9.7 m! How can I proceed? May be to upgrade at HH1?
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  • Fire Alarm System Field Engineer

    RFI is looking for a Fire Alarm System Field Engineer to join our team in San Jose, Sacramento or Reno! As a Fire Alarm System Field Engineer, your duties will include: Performing Fire Alarm System configuration, pr...
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  • Wildfires and Insurance webinar series recordings now available!

      During May of this year NFPA partnered with insurance industry experts to share tips and resources on how to financially and physically prepare for wildfires. Recordings of the webinars are now available and e...
  • Numbering of the Electrical Code

    Can anyone tell me what style guide NFPA uses to determine the numbering of sections of the electrical code?  I am working on the Seattle Electrical Code and am needing to know how some subsections are numbered.
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  • Two-way communication system circuits

    NFPA 72 in 24.8.6 mandates that: "Two-way telephone communications service shall be capable of permitting the simultaneous operation of any five telephone stations in a common talk mode." In my case I have a UL...
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  • Storage tank buildings

    To whom it may concern:   I am hoping that you are fine. My name is Jorge Cabrera and I work as an engineer in a public entity of Chile regarding electricity and fuel industry. I express the following some doubt...
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