• Precedence in the Event of Conflicts Between Applicable Codes

    I have two questions: 1.  In the event that a general industry Code includes within its scope a specialty application that is addressed by another applicable Code written specifically for that application, and t...
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  • Readily Accessible... in a cabinet?

    Would a GFCI outlet in a cabinet be considered readily accessible?  Our local AHJ is saying no because homeowners will more than likely place items under the sink in front of the outlet.  We do not understan...
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  • Transformer Secondary Conductors

    NEC 240.21 (C) states that conductors are permitted to be connected to a transformer secondary without overcurrent protection at the secondary. It further states that 240.4(B) is not permitted.  240.4(B) is for n...
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  • Is "Hypermarket" considered as Storage for fire protection system ?

    Hypermarket Look Like This     
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  • Does NFPA 101 permit the use of quarter landings in escape stairs.

    Does NFPA 101 permit the use of quarter landings (landings in L shaped stairs) in escape stairways?   I'm reviewing an architectural layout which needs to comply with NFPA 101 and the architect has done someth...
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  • Fire Prevention Jeopardy

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    Here is a Jeopardy game for your classroom visits.  The game must be in the PRESENT mode for it to work. Many classrooms have projection technology such as a SmartBoard.      https://docs.google.c...
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  • Moving the needle on future wildfire losses

    Recently, the Times of San Diego published an article about their Board of Supervisors approving building code upgrades for wildfire protection.  With the rise of extreme wildfires in the last seve...
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  • NFPA 1:  Fundamental electrical safety requirements in the Fire Code

    Special thanks to Val Ziavras, Fire Protection Engineer at NFPA and Staff Liaison to the Fire Code Technical Committee, for writing this week’s Fire Code Fridays blog.    A recent viral video has bee...
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  • Leak detection requirements for underground storage tanks.

    Are newly installed underground storage tanks  intended for fire water suppression storage required to go through a leak testing procedure prior to being put into service?
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  • Can you disable a smoke detector temporarily with a dust bag for maintenance work?

    Hot work needs to be done in a school, a four inch steel pipe needs to be cut to be specific. Is it against code to cover the nearby detector with a dust bag temporarily while the Hot Work is being performed?  My...
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  • Substation transformer Deluge system test frequency?

    What are the frequencies of testing deluge systems for transformers?   Mainly the full trip test?  If you can produce a chart just for deluge systems that would be great!   Thanks
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  • Fire alarm system replacement, conduit size?

    We have a 35 year old fire alarm system in a dept store that needs replaced. The system is currently installed in 1/2" emt conduit. Is it permitted (code wise) to re use the existing 1/2" conduits with new wire, or do...
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  • Chemical Store Protection

    I am going to design a flame detector in a chemical store so any one give me NFPA raferance.
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  • que equipo se adecua a una cámara frigorifica?

    Que equipos podría instalar en una cámara frigorífica para detección y extinsion de incendio?
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  • GFCI Below Sinks - why not?

    Anyone know why GFCIs are not required for equipment located below sinks such as in-sink waste disposers and trash compactors? I don't see a requirement in 210.8 and other sections such as 422.16(B)(1) and (2). Was cu...
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  • residential outlets

    Can someone tell me,  why are home depot and lowes allowed to sell outlets that aren't TR? i just added them to my addition and inspector says i have to change them all. My wife has RA(rheumatoid arthritis) and...
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  • Electrical Safety Program Assistance Needed

    I need assistance from someone who specializes in electrical safety programs in a test lab environment where both technicians and engineers are working on and testing medium voltage equipment at an electrica...
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  • Outdoor Storage of Pool Chemicals 

    I am doing research on hazardous materials and writing of ordinances.  I find that most cities do not permit pool construction/electrical supply wholesale businesses selling pool chemicals on the side to store hu...
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  • Air separation unit: fire water demand

    Hi all! Can anyone tell me how to determine the maximum fire water flow required for the protection of an air separation unit? Thank you in advance.
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  • silencing a fire alarm

    Can a fire alarm be silenced by healthcare facility staff if an alarm station was pulled by mistake? or Does the healthcare facility have to wait for the fire department official to arrive and silence?