• Today in fire history: Storage facility fire destroys causes over $100 million property loss

    On June 21, 1982, K Mart's 1.2 million distribution center in Falls Township, PA, was totally destroyed. The fire was accidental, and started when a carton of carburetor and choke cleaner fell to the ground from ...
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  • Pump Capacity Calculation

    Hi Please guide me how can I calculate Fire Pump Capacity for occupancy ordinary hazard Group II. Ground + 2 Story building that is 30,000 sq ft area of each floor having 2 normal exit/entrance and 01 emergency exit...
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  • Prison Power Shut Down

    Who is qualified to shut down critical operations power systems at a prison in Calfornia?
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  • Remote fire systems

    Greetings, Does anyone have some really good fire system ideas for remote generation. Imagine that you have 60 locations and getting service in these areas is expensive and sometimes not possible due to weather. ...
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  • Exit enclosures in a separated occupancy building

    I am looking at an apartment building where they are proposing to remove the means of egress off the side of the building (all interior) and then rebuild them. The third floor of the apartment building is currently se...
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  • Firestopping - Where does the buck stop?

    A large developer built a large number of condominiums (3 condos per building) in Orange County in 2005. Built to California Building Code. I bought one in 2017 in good faith and recently peeked inside the ceiling sp...
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  • Safety in your Home away from Home: Home is wherever you park….

      With the pandemic, road trips have come to screeching halt. In these trying times, people are getting creative with how to use their vacation home with wheels. Healthcare workers are looking for alternative pl...
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  • Drones to the rescue: how drones are helping in the fight against COVID-19

    With COVID-19 “stay at home” advisories in effect across the globe, an unlikely technology has come to the aid of public safety agencies responsible for enforcement measures: drones. Government officials ...
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  • Sprinkler System in Open Floors

    At a high-rise open structure used for assembly occupancy, each floor is at 8m high and is without external walls. Each is intended to install automatic sprinkler system in each open floor in accordance with NFPA 13- ...
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  • Assembly Occupancy in High-Rise Open Structure Building

    If we have a multi-story open structure building used for assembly occupancy purpose, the last top 8 floors are opened which means that they are not enclosed in external walls. Only internal stairs and elevators are p...
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  • Implementing Remote Video Inspections: 12 Key Lessons

    Up until last month, conversation around Remote Video Inspections (RVI) was limited and sporadic. Discussions were mainly about work on our developing standard or with AHJs looking to drive efficiency in their often r...
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  • Fire Hydrant Piping Leak

    we have recently commissioned our fire network consisting of fire hydrants and sprinklers. During the commissioning of fire pumps, it was found that pressure is dropping in the fire hydrant underground piping network ...
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  • Dealing with COVID-19 on the Front Lines, Off the Beaten Path

    Homemade gowns (made from house wrap), face shields, surgical masks, cloth masks, gloves and hand sanitizer made from a local distillery   In addition to serving as the Northeast Regional Director for NFPA inter...
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  • NFPA Water Based Systems Designer

    Hi all,      I am a life scientist that is looking to make a career change. I am intrigued by fire sprinkler design because I have done quite a few installation jobs with my dad as a laborer (he o...
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  • Nitrous Oxide Testing Dental

    We have Nitrous Oxide at several of our Dental sites for minimal sedation and we have a passive scavenging system. . We were surveyed by the Joint Commission and they said we need to provide testing of the room air wh...
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  • National campaign encourages community knowledge before a wildfire

    All throughout April, the United States Fire Administration (USFA) is promoting “Wildland Urban Interface Awareness Month” to, “Raise awareness about what wildland urban interface (WUI) fires are and...
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  • 5 Key Electrical Safety Tips to Help Reduce Fire Risk While Working from Home

    During the last few weeks, amid the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of working professionals and students alike have left their offices and classrooms to continue their work from home. This means more family members a...
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  • New newsletter places wildfire in the broader context of risk reduction

    Jim Pauley, President and CEO of NFPA, has a great blog about the new NFPA Network e-newsletter that our previous subscribers to the monthly FireBreak now receive.  Jim explains that the new, “NFPA Network ...
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  • Flexible coupling requirement for fire fighting pipes

    Need suggestion whether flexible coupling required or not for fire fighting pipes in a building having Expansion joint size 25mm.
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  • Natural and Man Made Virus, Bacteria and Fungal mitigation measures in Hospitals

    > Sent: Tuesday, March 10, 2020 6:18 PM > To: JGALLAGH@montefiore.org<mailto:JGALLAGH@montefiore.org>  > Subject: RE: Hospital and citywide contamination > > The video I sent you was one o...
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