• Diesel power plant with temporary living quarters

    I'm looking for help determining if a small diesel power plant with temporary living quarters is required to have a notification or/and a full fire system.
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  • Deadline Extended for “Bringing Safety Home Award” Nomination Applications

      Amid this COVID-19 pandemic, we are learning to adjust to the many changes in our daily lives and schedules as we work from home and perhaps in slightly different capacities. Yet even during these uncertain tim...
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  • Generator Wiring

    This question was about generator wiring and has been removed.
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  • With more families at home during the coronavirus, working smoke alarms are essential

    With COVID-19 dominating the headlines, it is still a daily occurrence for fires to happen and with more people at home, fire safety can’t wait. Recently, our team has received many questions about how to handle...
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  • AWWA vs ISO/EN Ductile iron pipes

    Good Evening all, What is the difference between AWWA compliant ductile iron pipes and ISO/EN compliant ductile iron pipes? What may go wrong if I replaced them?   Regards,
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  • shout down of mechanical units at the time of fire?

    Need some clarification about shout down of the mechanical units in commercial buildings/school buildings at the time of fire.  California Mechanical code 2016 (CMC) 608.1 talks about shout down of units over 200...
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  • Required Inspections Essential Work

    Are code required tests, repairs to restore impairments and inspections, still required to be completed on time during government imposed shelter in place orders?    For example where a hospital or restaura...
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  • What is the required heat detection time for a deluge system?

    What is the requirements of the heat detector detection time which serves a deluge system?
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  • Air Compressors

    I'm looking for some information regarding UL listings and air compressors for dry sprinkler systems.  Is there a requirement for the air compressor to be UL listed for this use? I know the air maintenance devic...
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  • Flexing to Meet the Needs of Our Audience

          “Necessity is the mother of invention. A need or problem encourages creative efforts to meet the need or solve the problem,” is a quote often attributed to Plato’s Republic. W...
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  • The Importance of Safeguarding Site Construction, Alteration, and Demolition during the COVID-19 Pandemic

      On March 16, Boston became the first city in the nation to issue a stop (for two weeks) to its booming construction industry. Shortly after, similar measures were put into place in Pennsylvania, where on March...
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  • The Fire & Life Safety Policy Institute Weighs in On Low Levels of PPE for Responders During COVID-19 Times

      (Meghan Housewright is Director of the NFPA Fire & Life Safety Policy Institute, which supports policymakers around the globe in protecting people and property from fire and other hazards with best practice...
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  • Virtual Outreach: Three Ways to Protect and Serve in Times of Social Distancing

    (A recent example of a fire department using Twitter to engage community members and share safety information during the COVID-19 pandemic.)   Calling all community relations coordinators, life safety educators, ...
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  • NFPA 70 Article 314.29 (a)

    So this all started by me speaking out of my ass by telling someone I think the code has a unobstructed distance requirement from the opening of junction boxes, and pulling condulets. They just accepted it, but I deci...
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  • Hazardous Areas

    I'm looking for a digital version of "Electrical Installations in Hazardous Areas" 3rd ed or later; Authors Schram/Beneditti/Earley. I have a hard copy, but with with all the remote work happening it's hard  to s...
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  • ADA Requirements for basements

    We have a large library on a college campus.  The architect is adding space to accommodate 500 additional people in the basement as classroom space for ADA students. My question to them was how can we make sure t...
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  • Fire Drills/COVID-19

    I have a question regarding Fire Drills during this National Emergency for this COVID-19 at our Hospital. Do we need to make sure all our fire drills are completed within this quarter as per code or can we catch them ...
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  • NFPA issues guidance to government officials on fire protection and life safety systems regardless of occupancy status

    Given the COVID-19 crisis, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is urging officials to ensure that fire protection and life safety systems be maintained in all commercial and multi-occupancy resid...
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  • Fire Safety of Battery Rooms

     Battery room  Is there any battery explosion risk  associated with maintenance free Batteries? What are fire protection requirements for Battery room having Maintenance free batteries(sealed batteri...
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  • Soliciting public comments on proposed Tentative Interim Amendment to NFPA 30, Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code

    The following proposed Tentative Interim Amendment (TIA) NFPA 30, Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code, is being published for public review and comment: Proposed TIA No. 1503, referencing and A. ...
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