• Ground Tied To Neutral Bar. Please Help.

    Good Afternoon,        I have a question hopefully I can get some help on. I was troubleshooting a recepticle in co-op apartment that is not working. I went to the circuit breaker panel and when I...
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  • Tragedies in the News Illustrate Importance of Home Fire Sprinklers

    Recent, deadly fires like the ones in Philadelphia and Lansing show how quickly an uneventful day with the family can turn to tragedy. On a relaxed Saturday morning in Philadelphia, firefighters entered a row-house en...
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      Dear Gentlemen,   Please find attached basement floor plan of healthcare facility. This part of basement is about 1800 meter square. Both ends have means of egress. Occupancy are offices, stores, HVAC, e...
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  • Hangar Grouping

    We are constructing an aircraft storage hangar that is Prefabricated Steel and is 18,800 square feet; including a non aircraft storage area designed for a bathroom/common area that is 800 square feet as part of the t...
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  • Separation of occupancies by a fire barrier

    As per NFPA 101 , the multiple occupancies of separated occupancy type are to be separated from each other by fire barriers as in Multiple occupancies of mixed type  the separation requ...
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  • AFCI breakers

    Has anyone heard of any issues of AFCI breaker unavailability due to factories that shut down?
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  • How can calculate the pump head

    How can calculate the pump head. please share me method
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  • NFPA 22 Tank Refilling and Duration

    NFPA 22, Edition 2018, Section states that "The water supply shall be capable of filling the minimum required fire protection volume within the tank in a maximum of 8 hours" and at the same time Section 14.4.3...
  • Selection of correct pipe MOC for Sprinkler

    FM Global – from Property Loss Prevention Data Sheet 2-1 Corrosion in Automatic Sprinkler Systems (October 2017) – Do not use galvanized pipe in a wet system With reference to above point, i was i...
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  • Flow distribution in a combined system and PRV

    A question that has always flummoxed me is the use of Pressure reducing valves before individual zone control valve assemblies below 12.1 bar (175psi). I am going to quote an arbitrary example below so that my peers r...
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    Hi, needing help in solving this problem.   Based on NFPA 14 : 1 standpipe can operate maximum flow rate at 379 l/min and for our plant the total standpipe needed is 7 based on theoretical demand rate on each eq...
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  • Mythblaster Monday 6: Home Fire Sprinklers Really Beat the Heat

    Everyday, we see countless, heartbreaking reminders of how fast a fire can destroy one’s home and impact one’s life. Advances in fire protection technology like smoke alarms have become widely used, but ho...
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  • extension cord for appliance

    I have a office that needs to have power for a refrigerator.. Put I have only 2 options  1. run a new line to the  appliance 2. run a extension cord with a gfci..   I know i can do the first one. But...
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  • 19 Years Later: What Lessons Have We Learned from 9/11?

    Every year on this day, I am overwhelmed with a sense of sadness that almost seems as raw as it did on that beautiful September morn in 2001. Tears flow. Memories flood. And I wonder, what have we learned in the after...
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  • Fire pump inlet strainer for Lagoons

    . Hi, At present we have two 500,000 gallon open lagoons for fire sprinkler water. At present we have drained down these for cleaning and inspection. One of the reservoirs has 2 bulbous 12" strainers at the suction ...
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  • Hospital basement with Tunnel / Trench

      To whom it may concern,   Good day!!!   I encountered a scenario in the hospital basement, tunnel / trench are attached to the basement (please find attached image with information for reference), ...
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  • Full coverage smoke detection needed?

    This is a standalone, single-story 6,800sf building that is fully sprinklered and classified as Ambulatory Healthcare (Dialysis center). Is it required to have full coverage smoke detection? What code section should I...
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  • Spare capacity in SLC as per NFPA 72

    Hi guys, I know that in accordance with NFPA 72, 20% spare capacity for every Loop/SLC is required? But I don't know the reference. Can anyone mention the reference if I am correct? If I am wrong please also mention it.
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  • Can a path of egress include a reversal of vertical direction?

    I have an elevated platform.  A LARGE and very LONG elevated platform.   The primary exit is on one end.   The other end has a fire escape ladder that goes... UP... to another platform.  Then...
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  • 3rd floor apartment with secondary egress for emergency that goes into / through another occupied apartment.

    I manage a building that consists of five 1 bed apartments (2 on 1st floor, 2 on 2nd floor and 1 on the third floor).   The 3rd floor unit has one means of egress via a wooden deck / stairway on back o...
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