• Beware of Recent E-Mail Scam Falsely Threatening Violations and Penalties for Failure to Perform “NFPA Required” Fire Inspections

      Scams of all kinds are occurring with greater frequency via email, phone and other platforms.   NFPA has been made aware of a company sending what looks like formal correspondence using both an “nf...
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  • Utility Tunnel

    I have a utility tunnel (chase) connecting an underground energy center to a shared basement that is connected to above ground office buildings. the tunnel is 90m long 4*5m cross section accessible for maint...
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  • AVgas Loading Rack 

    Hello Xchange   I have a question regarding NFPA 407. If a loading and unloading rack for an exiting fuel farm is located outside the perimeter fence ( the tank still inside the plant). It is required to have a ...
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  • NFPA 101 emergency lighting

    Hello everyone,    I am working on an emergency lighting scheme for a hospital and the client wants this to be done as per NFPA 101. I am just wondering if there's a guide that clearly shows the emergency l...
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  • Definition of Branchline vs Cross mains

    We have been told that any branchlines that splits off to serve another another branchline supplying more than a single sprinkler is then defined as a "crossmain" and no longer is a branchline regardless of size, howe...
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  • Pre-Action vs Dry Pipe air monitoring

    Pre-action vs dry pipe sprinkler systems, high and low air pressure monitoring.   I am designing a new pre-action system that is arranged for double interlock with smoke detection for activation of solenoid. I k...
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  • Mythblaster Monday 5: Water Damage Woes

    This Tuesday we continue our Mythblaster Monday series, where we discuss and debunk the myths around home fire sprinklers, offering resources to highlight their advantages and tackle the misinformation. Last Monday we...
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  • Front door entry porch protection per NFPA 13R

    In a NFPA 13R (2019) System, the balconies and patios that are accessible through the dwelling units are protected with a sprinkler head per . Does the overhang at the Entry Porch by the front door need to be ...
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  • NFPA 96 Exhaust Fan Interior Installation

    Hi there,    Has anyone ever seen an NFPA 96 compliant installation where the kitchen exhaust fan (utility set fan) has been installed in the attic of a combustible building, which is then directly vented t...
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  • Deluge valve internal inspection for 60M or 5 year frequency

    #Deluge valve internal inspection for 60M or 5 year frequency   NFPA 25H 2017 Internal inspection of valves that can be reset without removal of a faceplate shall be permitted to be conducted every ...
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  • Fire Protection system design

    Greetings all,  What's the hands-down best one-stop-shop software for the design of fire protection systems and why your choice?
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  • Limits of Occupancy Classification for Extraction Rooms (butane process)

    Can someone shed some light on the occupancy classification of extraction rooms? Every article I have read narrows it down to a F-1 or H-?. Where I am confused is exactly what kicks in the H occupancy... is a control ...
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  • Guardrail

    In NFPA 101, the clause mentioned the use of guardrail if two conditions happened which are open side with 760mm deep. If there is a case where a voide wide enough for a person having slope and beams (potebtial risk i...
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  • Hangar  group I

    NFPA 409 [2011].  A project for a hangar Group I service center with 262,000 sq ft and 40 ft high; with foam water deluge and linear heat detector under  the roof . They  are  not providing  s...
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  • Foam Sprinkler Test connection

    Dear all ,    Good Day ,    one of the ongoing project , i have to provide a test connection for periodic inspection in Foam sprinkler system main riser after the proportioner. my basic...
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  • Jockey Pump Controller Listing

    Hi guys, Please have a look at NFPA 20 (version 2013) article, 4.25.5 Piping and Components for Pressure Maintenance Pumps: So, the jockey pump controller shall be listed or not? to me, those lines seem self-confl...
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  • Pipe Size - Hydraulic Calculation

    Dear All, Is it possible to use DN150 pipe size for the sprinkler over 275 pcs of sprinkler by using Hydraulic Calculation? Hazard Classification is Ordinary.    Can you please share any reference fro...
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  • Storage with 3:12 Pitch Roof

    I have a customer who ordered a premanufactured steel building.  This building is for the storage of solid timber (Class III) commodity, stored in an unheated building 112' X 310'.  The slope of the cei...
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  • Where does it state when to use a yellow tag on a fire alarm?

    Trying to find in NFPA 72 where it states when a yellow tag must be used on a fire alarm system
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  •   In light of COVID-19, Find New Ways to Reach People with Fire Prevention Week’s Cooking Safety Messages

      Remote school environments, distancing requirements and increased responsibilities for fire departments mean getting creative with public education and outreach activities. As Maria Bostian, Fire & Life Sa...
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