• NEC 210.71

    For an existing conference room where the Architect required adding an outlet, the plan check person has required outlets as per this article, which requires quantity as in a residence.  In addition, it requires ...
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  • Commodity Classification (Class IV vs. Group A) NFPA 13

    I have a storage arrangement that has been difficult to classify. Many of my colleagues have drawn different conclusions for a variety of reasons.   The storage arrangement in question is raw potatoes in pl...
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  • Webinar: becoming wildfire ready with Firewise USA®

    When looking at wildfire preparedness, it is important to remember that everyone has a role to play, including residents.  More and more people are living where wildfires are a real risk, but that risk doesn't ha...

    I have a project in an Artic environment where the Owner has a large pond they would like to use for their fire water source. Question regarding fire water reliability evaluation per NFPA 11, A4.2.1.1, recycled water...
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  • A Better Understanding of NFPA 70E: Why NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace Does Not Include Incident Energy Calculations.

    I often get questions on which standard, equation or computer program should be used to calculate the incident energy when the incident energy analysis method is used. Some argue that the information should be in NFPA...
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  • Underground Piping and Sprinkler Piping

    I would like to check with regards to the underground, above ground and sprinkler piping to be used.   Is there a requirements to use Galvanized piping for fire ring main hydrant system as per NFPA guide lines? A...
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  • Automatic detector Requirment

    Hi guys, Consider a shed having only roof is using for dining. All sides are open to enter and exit. Is it mandatory to have both automatic detector and Manual Call point or only manual call point is enough???
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  • NFPA 13 (2013) Interpretation

    Hello Dear Community,   I have a question with regards to the following interpretation of a Code in NFPA 13 - 2013 Edition: Retroactive Installation. When backflow prevention devices are to be...
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  • Fire Collars

    Fire Collars At what size pipe would a fire collar be required?  I cannot find a code reference in LSC chapter 8 or IFC.  I did find some commentary from the ICC but it only stated that anything greater tha...
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  • 2017 NEC 680.7

    Does NEC 680.7 apply to factory and field installed lugs, the way I read it is the first sentence would apply to factory lugs and the second sentence would apply to field installed lugs. 
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  • Jefferson County Fire Illustrates What’s at Stake with Home Fire Prevention

    Each year as summer turns to fall, we see an uptick in home fires from increased heating device use, cooking, and other everyday activities. We know more about how to protect ourselves from fire than ever, but there a...
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  • 480 VAC VFD Power - Do I need an Enclosure & Disconnect?

    Hi,   I work for an equipment manufacturer.  For a machine we are building, I have a VFD for an Exhaust Blower that requires 480 VAC 3-phase 6 amps.  The VFD is designed so that it can be mounted on a ...
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  • Generator back up

    Hello,  The backup generator for one of the data centers in my area has "thrown a rod" as reported by the owner.  They do not have a timeline just yet for getting it replaced.  This generator is the ba...
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  • Side-by-Side Burn in Hartsville, TN Demonstrates How Sprinklers Can Save Lives and Limit Damage to Homes

    County commissioners, firefighters, and community members in Hartsville, Tennessee were able to see firsthand last week the value of residential fire sprinklers when representatives from the National Fire Sprinkler As...
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  • Question regarding generator placement for NFPA 37

    Hi - I am looking to install a whole home standby generator (Cummins RS22) and I've read the forums here about Section 4.1.4 of NFPA 37, but there are a couple of items that are not clear to me.  The text st...
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  • AFCI for Dishwasher ?

    Pa started following the 2014 NEC so my questions is 1) 210.12(A) - does a dishwasher for a dwelling require AFCI protection if on a dedicated circuit (I know it needs GFCI protection) 2) same question, how about a ...
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  • NFPA 13, 2010 vs 2013 shared support structures

    NFPA 13, 2013 version has additional provisions to support sprinkler piping from shared supports under 9.1. NFPA 13, 2010 version does NOT have these additional sections and is more general. Was it / is the intent of ...
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  • definition of fire door

    I was curious how a Fire door is defined?
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  • NFPA CEO & President to Kick Off Siemens' Virtual Conference on Safety in the Digital Age

      NFPA President & CEO Jim Pauley will deliver the virtual keynote address to kick off Siemen's Smart Infrastructure Summit & Expo on Thursday, October 1.   In his presentation, Transforming Your F...
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  • Download “Fire Prevention Happens All Year Long” Tips to Practice Cooking Safety No Matter the Season

    Fire Prevention Week provides a great opportunity to remind communities about the importance of fire prevention at home. This year’s Fire Prevention Week theme, “Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen,”...
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