• A giant step in understanding wildfire risk to homes

    For more than a decade, federal and state agencies, local governments, and nonprofit advocates of wildfire safety have been working to get their arms around the magnitude and scope of wildfire risk in the U.S. The Nat...
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  • Are roof access hatches required to be fire rated

    My local Authority Having Jurisdiction is requiring that a roof hatch in a one hour roof be rated. I can find no specific reference in NFPA 101 2012 edition that requires this. IBC specifically exempts skylights and r...
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  • Extending Unrequired Sprinkler System into Addition

    We are adding some work bays onto a repair garage that is classified as Special Purposes Industrial.  The existing garage has a sprinkler system installed during a rehab about 5 years ago, but I cannot find ...
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  • When will someone read the question I asked 2 weeks ago?

    Is there a timeline when someone responds to these questions? 
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  • NFPA 13, 2010 vs 2013 shared support structures

    NFPA 13, 2013 version has additional provisions to support sprinkler piping from shared supports under 9.1. NFPA 13, 2010 version does NOT have these additional sections and is more general. Was it / is the intent of ...
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  • To All U.S. Fire Departments: NFPA launched the 2020 U.S. Needs Assessment Survey – Please Fill It Out!

      NFPA today announced the official launch of its 2020 U.S. Needs Assessment survey, the fifth distributed since 2001. The survey works to capture the level of resources and staffing among U.S. fire departments, ...
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  • Reduced Pressure in Bucket Elevator

    I have been asked for the Pred (reduced pressure) value for a bucket elevator, whether it is single leg or twin leg. How would i go about acquiring this value?
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  • Download This Tip Sheet to Help Kids Stay Safe in the Kitchen

    As many households enter the new school year remotely and several family members continue to work from or remain at home, this year’s Fire Prevention Week theme, “Serve up Fire Safety in the Kitchen”...
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  • Fire Protection Engineer, US Army Corps, Poland

    Hello Folks,   We’re working on a US Army Corps project over in Poland and have been installing fire protection systems through another subcontractor but we’re having some logistical issues with ...
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    We have a water spray system on an oil rig supplied from a fire pump. The fire pump takes water from the sea. We have installed a main pipeline strainer between the pump and the water spray system as th...
  • Nicole Comeau Appointed Executive Secretary of International Fire Marshals Association

    NFPA President and CEO Jim Pauley has named Nicole Comeau executive secretary of the International Fire Marshals Association (IFMA). IFMA members are fire officials, who have been lawfully appointed and authorized by ...
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  • Ground Tied To Neutral Bar. Please Help.

    Good Afternoon,        I have a question hopefully I can get some help on. I was troubleshooting a recepticle in co-op apartment that is not working. I went to the circuit breaker panel and when I...
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  • Tragedies in the News Illustrate Importance of Home Fire Sprinklers

    Recent, deadly fires like the ones in Philadelphia and Lansing show how quickly an uneventful day with the family can turn to tragedy. On a relaxed Saturday morning in Philadelphia, firefighters entered a row-house en...
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      Dear Gentlemen,   Please find attached basement floor plan of healthcare facility. This part of basement is about 1800 meter square. Both ends have means of egress. Occupancy are offices, stores, HVAC, e...
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  • Hangar Grouping

    We are constructing an aircraft storage hangar that is Prefabricated Steel and is 18,800 square feet; including a non aircraft storage area designed for a bathroom/common area that is 800 square feet as part of the t...
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  • Separation of occupancies by a fire barrier

    As per NFPA 101 , the multiple occupancies of separated occupancy type are to be separated from each other by fire barriers as in Multiple occupancies of mixed type  the separation requ...
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  • AFCI breakers

    Has anyone heard of any issues of AFCI breaker unavailability due to factories that shut down?
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  • How can calculate the pump head

    How can calculate the pump head. please share me method
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  • NFPA 22 Tank Refilling and Duration

    NFPA 22, Edition 2018, Section states that "The water supply shall be capable of filling the minimum required fire protection volume within the tank in a maximum of 8 hours" and at the same time Section 14.4.3...
  • Selection of correct pipe MOC for Sprinkler

    FM Global – from Property Loss Prevention Data Sheet 2-1 Corrosion in Automatic Sprinkler Systems (October 2017) – Do not use galvanized pipe in a wet system With reference to above point, i was i...
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