• NFPA 13/2019  2:12 roof and cieling

    Good Morning, please in the NFPA 13 2019, have a Question, in the 14.2.3 (ESFR) it talks about a maximum slope of 2:12 for the roof and ceiling, but if I have larger slopes, I can place only the sprinkler pipe in...
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  • Two different occupancy building

    I have a question in regards to an existing building with two occupancy one is main occupancy group B division 2 and requires no sprinklers. The building has a assembly room which is classified as minor occupancy grou...
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  • Silicone RFID Fire Hydrant Bonnet Sleeve

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    I have a newly patented product to help first responders and municipalities find and upkeep fire hydrants. I was recently awarded a patent by the USPTO for a stretchy Silicone Fire Hydrant Bonnet Sleeve with RFID comm...
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  • Should a floating ground system chassis be connected to Earth Ground? 

    I have a mobile Radar system, with internal generator, mounted on a truck that was designed and built with a floating ground. When the system is removed from the truck and is sitting on the ground, should the system c...
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  • What does "from outside wall to outside wall" mean?

    NFPA 101: and NFPA 2217.2.1 each state that one of the options for Fire Barrier continuity is for the Fire Barrier to be continuous from "outside wall to outside wall" and "exterior wall to exterior wall" respe...
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  • How to protect beverages up to 50% in alcohol content in glass bottles ?

    Hi,   I am in the process of designing a sprinkler system for a comercial warehouse in Uruguay.   Analyzing the products to be stored I´ve noticed that some of them are alcoholic beverages containtin...
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  • Use of TC-ER/DG cable in Residential PV Systems

    Hello, I am a code official. I have a PV installer who wishes to use TC-ER (Tray Cable - Exposure Rated) to run all the way to the panel or line-side tap, on the inverter-output side of the system (in this case it's ...
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  • IBC vs NFPA

    Hi All,   In what jurisdictions/instances is the International Building Code enforced? It appears the IBC is more stringent than NFPA codes that I have come across, at least for electrical requirements.   ...
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  • Wireway Classified as "Free Air"

    Can a wireway be classified as a "Free Air" environment if there is 125 scfm of airflow through it?
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  • 08/18/17: Energized Electrical Work Permit

    According to the 2015 edition of NFPA 70E, which of the following tasks would require an energized work permit in order to be performed in an energized state?
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  • Double interlock preaction system - full building coverage

    Are there any occupancy restrictions where a double interlock preaction system may be used?  For example, could an entire hospital (Institutional) provide sprinkler coverage with a preaction system?  It appe...
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  • Change is coming to Safety Source newsletter

    Beginning next month the Safety Source newsletter will a different look and feel. NFPA is merging all of its newsletters into one monthly email—NFPA Network. You’ll receive information based on your areas ...
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  • NFPA

    My NFPA ID is 1113275 and I'm asking the following technical advice. Looking for interpretation on as it relates to sprinklers in stairways. We have dorm room buildings and want to ensure we meet code req...
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  • Suite exit options

    In a healthcare occupancy, does a suite need one, or two exits?
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  • use of hearing aids in fire service

    does anyone know of any special restrictions regarding the use of hearing aids within the fire service, whether they are trying to get on or presently on the job?  Was told to look at 1582 and chapter 6 but unabl...
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  • 2-prong & 3-prong outlets

    I just moved into an older home where many of the outlets are 2-prong only. My brother in law says that replacing the outlet with a 2-wire GFI outlet would meet electrical code and does not require the ground wire. An...
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  • Passive-Purge NFPA 13D questions

    I work for an insurance company and am doing a project on residential sprinkler systems.  I have a couple of questions I am trying to get answers to.     1) On a Passive-Purge system that does not...
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  • Building a successful community wildfire preparedness program

      One of the things I love about the Firewise USA program is how it encourages people to work together and can bring about partnerships that might not have been considered in the past.  State and federal age...
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  • Compliant EMT alternatives when connecting residential rooftop solar arrays?

    Hello Xchange Members,   I work in residential solar.  When DC conductors are run on the roof between solar arrays, the conductors are usually routed in EMT.  Does the NEC allow for other types of cond...
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  • Fire Protection requirement for Conveyor Belts

    I have a question regarding the requirements to protect conveyor belts. Is there any requirement for fire protection of conveyor belt other than NFPA that are regarding coal mines? I want to know whether NFPA have th...
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