• NEC 625 to include off road type lead acid vehicles charging systems

    The NEC does not have an article like 625 (electric vehicle charging system) that applies to off-road vehicles, such as electric fork-lifts and golf carts, etc. 625.2 Definitions for electric vehicle, is defined for a...
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  • The 101 Life Safety code

    I have a suite that exit to the corridor that has smoke doors and are kept close by closers that requires greater then 5 pounds of force. Under the statement says this is acceptable. I am being told they ar...
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  • Question about a 500 m. long 15 % slope escapeway

    Hi to everyone,   I am participating in a civic group that is confronting a public Administration backed project involving the construction of a mostly underground running city train. The project, said to be ful...
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  • 1000V Tool Test

    I send the electrician gloves and insulated hot sticks, shepherd hooks, rubber blankets and tic tracer handles in for testing.  I was recently asked about testing our 1000V insulated tools.  Can anyone tell ...
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  • Higher Ed / Space Use Change

    If a space that was being utilized to teach college classes (initially) vacates and becomes a student group lounge, doesn't the O/L factor used for calculation change? Even though the square footage has not changed? ...
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  • Dry sidewall sprinklers acceptable for walk-in cooler and freezer?

    I have been assigned a task to add sprinkler coverage to a walk-in cooler and freezer. These walk-in boxes have been moved from one facility (not sprinkled) to another facility (fully sprinkled). There isn't much room...
  • Stairwell pressurization fan room fire rating

    Greeting everyone,  I have a mechanical room for a CHW DOAS unit and an adjacent room for a stair pressurization fan as shown in the attachment. The stairwell shaft Can I take out the wall dividing the two rooms...
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  • Horizontal exit between hangar and annex building

    Is there any rule prohibiting the horizontal exit from annex building to the aircraft hangar in accordance with NFPA 101?
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  • Electrical Safety and independent lab certifications

    Has anyone heard of QPS Evaluation Services Inc.? They are listed as a Testing, Certification Lab, accredited in USA, Canada, and internationally.   Does NFPA recognize this group as an equivalent to UL?
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  • Sidewall Sprinklers

    Any issues with installing sidewall sprinklers under exposed corrugated steel decking if direction of spray is parallel with the flutes or is the decking considered a smooth flat ceiling regardless? 
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  • Life Safety ATS Installation Requirements

    I have a question regarding the installation of an ATS that serves life safety systems in a new low rise building in NY State currently under construction.  Our engineering consultant performing the peer review i...
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  • Water supply mains as per NFPA24?

    Dear everyone, does any one know the arrangement about the fire mains and its connections with the individual buildings, I have the two questions: 1.Does the water mains must be a circle or ring, is it the mandatory ...
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  • Electron

    Electron and charge To know electricity, we must first explain electrons and charges.  I'm sorry for suddenly difficult story. The smallest unit of matter is an atom, which consists of a central nucleus and el...
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  • military armament factory

    I am carrying out a project against fire in military installations where there is smoke-free powder for the manufacture of weapons ... what NFPA norm can I review?Thanks a lot  the project is in Mexico
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  • electric smoker oven requirements

    Does an electric smoker oven that uses a small quantity of wood for flavouring enhancement need to comply with chapter 14 Napa 96 that deals with solid fuel cooking operations?
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  • Summary of Life Safety Code Changes 2015 to 2018 Edition?

    In the past we've attended a local building officials conference and were able to get a set of pages explaining each of the changes from the previous Life Safety Code Edition to the newest one. Is this something NFPA ...
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  • Despite relatively small numbers, more women are assuming leadership roles in the US fire service

    It will come as no surprise to women in the fire service but the number of female firefighters in the U.S. remains relatively low, according to the most recent U.S. Fire Department Profile from NFPA. The newest data w...
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  • dar

    dar dar
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  • Spotlight on Technology and Today's Electrical Industry

      It’s no secret that technology today is evolving at the speed of the electrons that power it. Gadgets, gismos, and doohickeys are continuously being updated to make our lives more convenient, more effici...
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  • Foam Delivery Time Calculations

    Hi All,   I'm currently working on a project where I need to calculate the foam delivery time to the last nozzle. I used the velocities resulted from the hydraulic calculations. The calculation was done based on...
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