• NFPA 13: 2013 Edition Location of Flex Couplings

    Clarification required regarding Code NFPA 13: 2013 Edition. In a multistorey building where 4" standpipe penetrates the landings on each floor which is constructed using 12" Floor Joists, a plywood subf...
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  • If there is an elevator inside a dwelling unit, does the upper floor require disabled refuge area?

    Does anyone see any issues with putting an elevator in a dwelling unit?     I'm involved in some developments in which the architect wants to put 2 story elevators in double story apartments and double...
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  • For a pressurized stairway, how to determine the design number of open doors.

    NFPA 92 version 2018 mentions that it is necessary that a staircase pressurization system should work with the "design number of open doors" open, but I can't find anywhere what this number should be.  There is a...
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  • Passenger Lift Pressurization

    Kindly advise if any, what NFPA regulation requires passenger lift pressurization inside a building that is fully sprinkler protected and the passenger lift shafts walls are 2 hour fire rated?
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  • Revisiting the home ignition zone: the intermediate 5-30 feet

    The home ignition zone (HIZ) is the foundation NFPA has built its wildfire preparedness programs and resources on.  A concept coined by retired USFS researcher Dr. Jack Cohen, the basic premise of the HIZ is that...
  • Power Strip Use

    Can you use a power strip to run a coffee pot or a crock pot in an office?
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  • NFPA’s Matt Klaus to Moderate Panel on Considerations for Warehouse Fire Safety during November 4 Webinar

    This blog was updated on 10/27   The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) will host a Considerations for Warehouse Fire Safety webinar on Wednesday, November 4, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. (EDT) for contractors, in...
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  • TEST

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  • Express mains to remote valves

    Hello,             The project I am currently working on requires that some of my dry valves and pre-action cabinets are not in the designated sprinkler room.  I am running express ...
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  • Electrical “Cycle of Safety” Keeps People and Property Protected in an Electrified World

    We are often asked this question: if you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be? Personally, I think a present-day dinner conversation with Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and other pioneers of electricity would ...
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  • POTS line will not “kiss off” at the monitoring point

    I’m told that our Buildings Fire Alarm system has trouble communicating with the Central Monitoring Station (CMS). The problem description I was given is, “the POTS line will not “kiss-off” at ...
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  • 230/400V Color code

    Hi, my name is Andres, I m a student in electromechanical engineering, I have a doubt about the color code in voltage system, I know that 120/208/240V is: phase A= black, phase B=red, phase C= blue and nuetral=white, ...
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  • 08/18/17: Energized Electrical Work Permit

    According to the 2015 edition of NFPA 70E, which of the following tasks would require an energized work permit in order to be performed in an energized state?
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  • Fire rate cables for LPG leak detection

    I would like to know in which NFPA that requires the cables used in the LPG detection system shall be fire rated cables? is it NFPA 54 or 70? which section exactly, please?
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  • Neutral to earth voltage is high.

    We are facing a peculier problem of Neutral to Earth voltage high.   2MVA Transformer 11KV/0.433KV , Dry type transformer is installed with LT drives.   When Drives are running in Regenerative Mode Neutral...
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  • Trough busbar bonding methodology

    I have metallic trough load side of service disconnect means whose enclosure needs to be connected to the equipment grounding conductor. The trough has equipment grounding bus bar inside it.   In attached Figure...
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  • Main Bonding Jumper Location and Main service Disconnect Residential

    Hey guys,  I'm doing a 3600 sq ft residential job where there is 1800 up and almost 1800 finished basement. The homeowner wants the panel located in the utility room in the basement which is 35' (cable length) aw...
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  • Face-to-face Education Programs are Rapidly Becoming a Thing of the Past. Now What?

    Jennifer Froehlich, fire & life safety educator from Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department, Michigan displays her virtual learning environment with tools she learned from a recent workshop delivered by Brene Duggin...
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  • Hoarding: From Enforcement to Engagement

        Hoarding criteria include the inability to use living space for its intended purpose.    Compulsive hoarding behavior among residents increases the risk of serious injury and death to...
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  • Question on 211 code

    Hi Everyone,   I am purchasing a home and am having trouble finding specific codes under 211. My question is related to how stainless steel chimney liners should/should not be installed in an older masonry chimn...
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