• Automatic detector Requirment

    Hi guys, Consider a shed having only roof is using for dining. All sides are open to enter and exit. Is it mandatory to have both automatic detector and Manual Call point or only manual call point is enough???
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  • The design sprinkler for warehouse.

    This is information for warehouse and goods storage as follow. -  The warehouse have sizing as 20 m x 160 m.   -  Ceiling storage high as 18 m. -  Storage high as not most than 6.5 m. (...
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  • Plastic Countertops and Fire-Retardant Cores

    I'm editing a specification section on Plastic Countertops and have the option to include a fire-retardant core if required. Has anyone seen this required before and if so where?
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  • Use Our FPW Out of the Box Ideas to Share Kitchen Fire Safety with the Whole Community

    With so many of us working and studying either from home or in new arrangements created to socially distance, COVID-19 has certainly changed how we connect. However, there are still countless creative ways to showcase...
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  • Emmy Awards Opening Stunt Reminds Us Not to Play with Fire

    As we continue to live in a COVID-19 impacted world, we see all kinds of businesses and activities pivoting to different formats. This year’s Emmy Awards was no exception. The 2020 event held over the weekend fe...
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  • National Falls Prevention Day is September 22nd

      Every day, 10,000 Americans in the “Baby Boomer” generation are turning 65, with currently over 52 million Americans over the age of 65, representing approximately 16% of the population.  Adul...
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  • How close can an open gas fire pit be to a building?

    Can a recreational fire pit (gas, open flame) be less then 25'-0" from a building? (This project in specific is a wood construction hotel)?If so where is this written in the code?   307.4.2 in the IFC : Recreati...
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  • 240.21 feeder tap directly to utilization equipment?

    Since the 2014 edition, 240.21(B)(1)(1)(b) has allowed a 10 ft feeder tap to terminate on "equipment containing an overcurrent device" as an alternative to terminating directly on an OCPD.   I would like to conn...
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  • How to figure out who the fire alarm system monitoring company is?

    Hi. I am a resident of a multifamily apartment complex. I have had multiple issues during move-in, and I'm not very confident in how the complex operates.    A couple days after I moved in, two fire trucks ...
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  • Containers for Combustible waste

    I need to know what can I use as a container for combustible waste, plastic or metal with lid of course. They will have rags that have thinner, paint and some cleaners from aerosol on them?
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  • NFPA LiNK Digital Reference Tool Launches with NFPA 70, National Electrical Code (NEC)

    This week, NFPA launched NFPA LiNK, a new digital platform, with the four most recent editions of NFPA 70, National Electrical Code (NEC). NFPA LiNK provides up-to-date code information and situational conte...
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  • Working 120v Live

    When working 120Volt Circuits live Receptacles, switches what PPE is required?
    created by justin.grantham
  • EC sprinklers and concrete tee

    I would really appreciate someone answering this query.   Example Sprinkler - Tyco DS-2 11.2K dry barrel pendent   Could you please confirm or reject the following for compliance with the NFPA.   Baffle...

    Red triangle Stickers are often pasted on the window of tall buildings as firemen access. My question is, In this technological era, do you think the firemen must break the glass window with a hammer to save people? I...
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  • LPG detection system cables

    I would like to know in which NFPA that requires the cables used in the LPG detection system shall be fire rated cables? is it NFPA 54 or 70? which section exactly, please?
    created by eng_mikemo
  • qualified observer

    I have a question.  If there is a crew going out to do some  electrical maintenance. But only one member of the crew is a qualified electrician. do the other people assisting him need to have CPR and other ...
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  • Extending Unrequired Sprinkler System into Addition

    We are adding some work bays onto a repair garage that is classified as Special Purposes Industrial.  The existing garage has a sprinkler system installed during a rehab about 5 years ago, but I cannot find ...
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  • What is the permissible gap of an opening for a ceiling product or tile when running wires though a tile into a Ceiling that is being used as a plenum?

    There is a product that we want to install in a ceiling in a Healthcare facility and understand the requirements of firestopping for cables but what is the permissible gap for an opening to limit the spread of sm...
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  • Mythblaster Monday 7: Maintaining Home Fire Sprinklers is a Spending Save

    This year’s Fire Prevention Week theme, “Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen,” reminds us that with the cooler seasons comes holiday cooking—and more risk for home fires. One of the best ways t...
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  • NFPA 1: Furnishings and decorations in educational occupancies, #FireCodefridays

    It's back to school time.  Time for teachers to prepare their classrooms for the upcoming school year and welcome students back to classes.  Where does the summer go?  Soon artwork will cover the walls,...
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