• Commercial Outlets

    Can someone point me to the specific section of the NFPA 70 that requires 120V outlets in commercial applications to be upside down (with the ground mounted upward)?  The usual answer I get from electricians is s...
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  • electric smoker oven requirements

    Does an electric smoker oven that uses a small quantity of wood for flavouring enhancement need to comply with chapter 14 Napa 96 that deals with solid fuel cooking operations?
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  • Pressure Sense Lines

    Dear Sirs, please permit to formulate two questions regarding to Pressure Sensor Line for jockey Pump and Main Fire Pump. Is it mandatory in the standard to install the two check valve DN 15 mm (1/2")  with the ...
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  • 08/18/17: Energized Electrical Work Permit

    According to the 2015 edition of NFPA 70E, which of the following tasks would require an energized work permit in order to be performed in an energized state?
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  • Relocatable Power Taps

    Hi all. I keep going down the RPT rabbit hole after reviewing NFPA 1, UL 1363, UL White Book, and OSHA. I have come to the conclusion the NEC is silent on RPTs. All the references above seems to say hey, yup...
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  • Means of Egress Requirements For Sewage Pump located in -44m Deep

    There is a sewage pump located in -44m deep from the LED. The pump house structure is in 35m diameter and contains 4 electric pumps (3 duty + 1 standby) and sump dewatering pump located at -44m level from LED. Each se...
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  • Enclosure Pressurization

    While I am conducting a site visit to one of pressurized stair, I found out there is a concrete slab separated the mechanical equipment from the pressurized stair. The stair enclosure was supposed to be built in compl...
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  • Define door release mechanisms.

    Can/will someone from the NFPA define/explain exactly what is ment by the term the releasing mechanisms of a door shall not required more than one motion. IE is the turning/twisting of a door knob on an egress door an...
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  • Installing a FireRay 5000 Beam Detector

    Hi, this is my first time installing a beam detector, I have one FireRay 5000 Simplex (5000-103) to play around with. https://simplex-fire.com/en/us/DocumentsandMedia/4098-0042.PDF  I have some questions h...
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  • This is the framing around a gas fire place. The area to the left of the fireplace is for a big screen tv. The tv receptacle is installed above 5'6".What would all be considered wall space by 210.52(2)(1) ?

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  • 210.52(B)(1) receptical outlets served

    Is 210.52(B)(1) saying the two or more 20 ampere small appliance branch circuits required by 210.11(C)(1) will supply all outlets covered in 210.52(A)? Or does shall serve all wall and floor receptacle outlets covered...
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  • NFPA  70, Art 501.5 (E)

    In NFPA 70, Article 501.5(E), 1 For a Class I Division 2, Terminations - it says cables entering an enclosure required to be explosion proof shall be sealed at the point of entry.   A squirrel cage induction mot...
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  • 312.2 damp and wet locations

    312.2 says in wet or damp locations to cabinet or cutout boxes shall be mounted so there is at least 1/4 inch airspace between the inclosure and the wall or supporting surface. My question is how to achieve this spaci...
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  • 2016 NFPA 76 Telecom Room Compartmentalization

    Would like to get 2 - hr rated Telecom (Lan) Rms' enclosure by way of Section 8.3: Compartmentalization, and Section 8.3 states: "The telecommunications facility shall be separated from other occupancies wit...
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  • Interior Exit Discharge

    Multi-story building.   NFPA 101-2012 edition. Reference Section (fire barriers/horizontal exits). (1) and (2) are met.    A floor above discharge floor has a fire barrier wi...
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    Looking for CODE Reference for FIRE-STOP for SMU wall and cement Floor Penetrations , Annular spacing, rated and non-rated walls.
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  • The 101 Life Safety code

    I have a suite that exit to the corridor that has smoke doors and are kept close by closers that requires greater then 5 pounds of force. Under the statement says this is acceptable. I am being told they ar...
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  • What is the maximum length a hose can be for dispencing a class II (Diesel Fuel)?

    What is the max length the hose can be from the tank to the nozzle? The 120 gallon AST is only used to fuel support vehicle (forklift) at a marina.   Fire Inspector Baker Orleans Fire Department
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  • Regarding NFPA 303 in Fire Extinguisher walk distance

    I have a new customer that wants to get his marina into compliance as to his fire extinguisher program.  This dock has sections that come off a main dock and encompasses around 4000 ft.  Generally its p...
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  • Private Hydrant

    This is probably a dumb question,  I have an existing Country Club that is fully sprinklered with a remote FDC, my water supply is approximately  2000 feet away,  they are building a new 2 story pool h...
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