• Storage of Liquids in Underground Tanks

    Dear Community,   I wonder, which code or table is require to determine a distans from  Storage of Liquids (Fuel) in Underground Tanks to school or any public buildings?
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  • NEC 2014 grouping

    Assume that two SWGRs A and B are in compliance with NEC 2014 Section 230.2 first paragraph which says:   For the purpose of 230.40 Exception no. 2 only, underground sets of conductors, 1/0 AWG and larger, runni...
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  • Is Sprinkler required in Pump Room or Not?

    There is one 4 storied building using as garments factory. The building is protected with Fire Hydrant System.  My question is:  1. The pump room is outside of the main factory building and the pump room i...
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  • Regarding pressure reducing valve

    1. As per NFPA 20 " The net pump shutoff (churn) pressure plus the maximum static suction pressure, adjusted for elevation, shall not exceed the pressure for which the system components are rated.* Pre...
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  • NFPA Receives DOE Award to Further Safe Adoption of Electric Vehicles and Community Preparedness

    The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has received an award from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to help communities prepare for electric vehicle (EV) growth in the U.S. NFPA will oversee the three-year ...
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  • NEC 110.3 Compliance 

    Hello, I am perplexed in my efforts as a Quality Manager for electrical power distribution center manufacturer trying to insure our internal manufacturing processes are in compliance with NEC requiremen...
  • Ruminating About Research

    This infographic is also available in Spanish at www.nfpa.org/foundation   I recently sat in on an information-sharing session called Coffee Time at NFPA. Coffee Times are conducted (internally, but virtually the...
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  • NFPA 70 NEC 2020 230.85

    Will the emergency disconnect be required for replace and/or upgrade to an existing dwelling service?
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  • How are NFPA Standards Keeping Pace with Innovation?

    As National Cybersecurity Awareness Monthwinds down, it's a great time to look at the ways that NFPA codes and standards are addressing digital transformation and the byproduct of these solutions – the data...
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  • Mythblaster Monday - Put the Freeze on this Myth about Home Fire Sprinklers in Winter

    Throughout our Mythblaster Monday series, we have pointed to resources that identify the benefits of home fire sprinklers and help combat the misinformation that surrounds them. Last week we debunked a myth frequently...
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  • Lowe’s Educates Communities about Home Fire Safety and Supports Local Fire Departments during Fire Prevention Week

      Along with the tremendous outreach efforts we saw from fire departments and safety educators in support of Fire Prevention Week this year, a wide range of businesses and organizations actively engaged in the c...
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  • Maximum working pressure

    1. As per NFPA 20 " The net pump shutoff (churn) pressure plus the maximum static suction pressure, adjusted for elevation, shall not exceed the pressure for which the system components are rated." My questio...
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  • 9.3.3 2016 NFPA 20

    I have an electric fire pump whereby the contractor wants to use a diesel fire pump for the backup.  I don't know why and I've never seen a setup like this before.  Usually I always get electric fire pump wi...
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  • Gas Control Valve Location

    NFPA 17A states that a gas control valve for a wet chemical suppression system must be in an accessible location. I understand that this means the device must be accessible without removing or altering building elemen...
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  • Accessible means of egress

    According to NFPA 101 section* Areas accessible to people with severe mobility impairment, other than in existing buildings shall have not less than two accessible means of egress, unless otherwise provi...
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  • does fire detection require if there are sprinklers?

    Dear Community,   I'm interested in if it's Allowed do not instal fire detection in area if there are instaled sprinklers?    
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  • Luminaire Weight

    Hello,   What is the maximum weight allowed for a luminaire that is supported by an electrical cord?   For luminaires supported by the screw shell of a lampholder, NEC 410.30 says it can't exceed 3kg or 40...
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  • Conduit for battery cables

    I'm trying to get a definitive answer about if a 48V battery bank has to have its cables in conduit. 2014 NEC 690.71(B)(2) said "Live parts of battery systems for dwellings shall be guarded to prevent accidental conta...
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  • NFPA 13: 2013 Edition Location of Flex Couplings

    Clarification required regarding Code NFPA 13: 2013 Edition. In a multistorey building where 4" standpipe penetrates the landings on each floor which is constructed using 12" Floor Joists, a plywood subf...
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  • For a pressurized stairway, how to determine the design number of open doors.

    NFPA 92 version 2018 mentions that it is necessary that a staircase pressurization system should work with the "design number of open doors" open, but I can't find anywhere what this number should be.  There is a...
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