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To whom it May concern

Our new system prevents all major fires and is patented by the Ministry of Scientific Research in Egypt in August 2016 and is strongly protected by law for 20 years.


And designed the system to be installed on a plane resembling giant Chinook helicopters carrying 15 cubic meters of water.

  • The fire extinguishing system is equipped with water, foam and powder material depending on fire suppression requirements.
  •  The system determines the size of the ignition zone before handling.
  • The system extinguishes a 20 meter flame in less than a minute. The system is designed to extinguish forest fires, oil factories, villages, goods and high buildings. Break up rioters' demonstrations
  • The system is used on giant trucks in the field of fire and carries 25 cubic meters or more of foam, powder and dust as competitors to deal with extinguishing the flame

 We are willing to discuss and discuss the serious implementation of the invention to be shared, or concessions

                          Yours faithfully
     Dr. Mostafa El Nahrawy                 
        Modern Techniques for Civil Protection