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Please provide us with feedback on the Fire Safety Tip Sheet for Mobile Cooking Operations! Is there an item on this tip sheet that should be modified or removed? Are there other tips that are not on this list? Please leave comments below!Food Truck Fire Safety Tip Sheet.jpg

The Wilmington Fire Department, Carolina Beach, NC is using a checklist to regulate food truck fire safety. See the link below for the full story:

Click the link below for a discussion of food trucks, and the standards of safety NFPA is working to create around these mobile eateries.

Meredith Hawes, NFPA Public Education Regional Specialist, Jacqueline Wilmot, NFPA Fire Protection Engineer; and Chief Jim Tuller, Traverse City Fire Department



In the July 2015 Journal, National Geographic® reviews the growing popularity of food trucks and the catalysts that created the market food trucks are cruising in today.

Food trucks are on the rise with around 117,000 in operation around the United States.  In 2014 it was estimated that the food truck industry made over $850 million.  Some trucks operate using a 20-gallon tank of propane which is equivalent to 170 sticks of dynamite with its explosive capability.


Unfortunately tragedy struck in July 1st 2014 when a truck exploded killing two people and injuring ten.  Jesse Roman talked about the current environment for fire and life safety on food trucks with Jacqueline Wilmot, staff liaison for NFPA 96: Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations.


Check out the podcast by clicking the link below:

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