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Are  Are AFO Automatic Fire Ball Extinguisher products certified / recognized by NFPA standards for use in North America ?
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All Retail Shops are recommended to be provided with Quick Response Sprinklers. Fire Size used in the calculations is 2.5 MW considering Quick Response Sprinklers in compliance with BS 7346 Part 4 Table 3.     NFPA – 13, where listed quick-response sprinklers, including extended coverage quick-response sprinklers, are used… (Show more)
Can I install stainless steel hinge for fire rated door? Someone memtioned that NFPA (2013 edition) table requires the use of steel hinges, NOT the use of stainless steel hinges.
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Hi, I'm working on a hangar project which is a Membrane-Covered Rigid-Steel-Frame-Structure Hangar. The hangar has a 6800 m2 fire area. With regard to fire protection system design as per NFPA 409-Chapter 9, I'll proceed with high-expansion foam system as specified in states the following "The application total discharge… (Show more)
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My name is Bob Wheeler and mistakenly didn't realize that my chief was logged into his account on my computer. I unfortunately have created my profile using my name but it used his email account. Is there away to set his back and for me to create my own profile?
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I need to change my email address. 
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Is seasonal lighting restricted to only 30 days out of a calendar year or 30 days per holiday season?
On 9/4/18, I received an email that said you were conducting a live session on Sept 13th at 1:00 EST "What you need to know about reference codes and standards".  I just now received a different email that says that on Sept 13th, at 1:00 EST the topic is now "Back to school code enforcement issues".   I do not understand the differences in the… (Show more)
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