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A Fire hose cabinet is provided at the flat roof of Dubai airport support building in accordance with the NFPA 14-2016, chapter 7, section 7.3.2. Building is 2-storey and 8m in height with open steel stairs outside the building which is not reaching to the roof where mechanical equipment are provided. However Ladder is provided to access this… (Show more)
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Hi guys, designing an NFPA 20 Pump set & limited on space. If I apply the A.4.14.6 Ruling and install my suction line vertically (Keeping the distance between pump flange and elbow tee flange greater than 10 Pipe Dia) will this have any impact on my Water storage tank effective capacity? With the suction line being elevated, does this effect this… (Show more)
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Hi, i would like to know what is the criteria for component to have UL certify under NFPA79? As far as i know those components with AC power, 24VDC and above, component have safety function purposes require UL certificate
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Is seasonal lighting restricted to only 30 days out of a calendar year or 30 days per holiday season?
On 9/4/18, I received an email that said you were conducting a live session on Sept 13th at 1:00 EST "What you need to know about reference codes and standards".  I just now received a different email that says that on Sept 13th, at 1:00 EST the topic is now "Back to school code enforcement issues".   I do not understand the differences in the… (Show more)
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