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In NFPA14, Ferrous (Cast Iron, Welded and Seamless Pipes) and Non Ferrous (Copper Tubes) , pipe materials are given and thier jointing methods and fitting details are given.  Now a days we are using HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Pipes for Standpipe Systems and other Fire applications. Is there any NFPA recommendations and guidelines available… (Show more)
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Hi, may i know in NFPA70, Transformer Secondary Conductor. Requirement (2) Transformer Secondary Conductors Not over 3m (10 ft) Long and Requirement (3)Industrial Installation Secondary Conductors Not Over 7.5 m (25ft) Long. Sub-clauses are fulfilled but which requirements shall we follow as a machine maker? Shall we use not more than 3m or not… (Show more)
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Are the Type "K" extinguishers with the extended wand type hoses still authorized IAW NFPA 10 or do we need to remove them from service?
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Where would I find the requirements/code for the type of portable fire extinguisher is required? Example - what type of extinguisher should be on a garbage truck, tugboat, rail car, forklift, etc
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I have a parking contain 4 open floors, and an underground. The undergrounds parking it`s open from one side and its ceiling is 1.2m above grade. The question is: is it necessary to install a sprinkler system in the underground parking according to the NFPA. please i need your experience and knowledge for this case . Many thanks
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We've encountered a situation at an existing single-family residence where the old 1,000 gallon storage tank was removed and a new 275 gallon storage tank was installed. The contents (No. 2 home heating fuel oil) from the old tank was transferred to 12 x 55gallon steel drums and the new tank. Normally, when an existing tank is removed the contents… (Show more)
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How do I change the email allocated to my account?
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I need to change my email address. 
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The local fire department wants a 2012 record of completion. I have searched and can only find a 2002 version. Is there a 2012 version and if so, does anyone know where I can find it?
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I am trying to view the recent post on "Safely Storing Hand Sanitizer in a Warehouse" but unable to.  Any guidance? Thanks Matt
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