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Got Public Education?

Posted by kcaponigro Employee Aug 31, 2017

 We're excited to announce the addition of the Public Education Forum to NFPA Xchange! Public Education is at the heart of what we do here, in addition and complement to our codes and standards. We noticed that questions around Public Education were ending up in our Emergency Response or other Forums, and decided it was time to make a dedicated home for this content.


As with all of Xchange, this space will be as successful as you make it! Use this space to ask questions about starting or running Public Education programs (e.g., Fire Prevention Week, Remembering When, Wildfire Awareness, Fire Sprinkler Initiative, etc.), share creative ideas you have used to engage the public in fire and life safety, and get to know your peers around the world who are undertaking the same challenges as you.


We look forward to seeing you in the Public Education Forum!


Change e-mail address

Posted by mpeca Aug 25, 2017

How to change the email adrress registered in my profile?
Many thanks.


There are three main areas within the Xchange community - here's a quick summary of what they are, and what you can expect in each.


Forums are the place to go to ask peer-to-peer questions. Anyone with internet access can view content in the Forums, however you must be registered in Xchange (it's free and easy!) to ask a question or comment. There is a separate Forum for each of the six topics that are the focus of NFPA's mission.


Exclusives is free content created by NFPA, including fact sheets, webinars, and expert videos. You must be registered in Xchange to access this content.


For NFPA Members is an area exclusively for NFPA Members. In this area, Members can search the Technical Knowledgebase (3,000+ questions asked by Members, answered by NFPA staff), Ask NFPA Staff a question, access to NFPA Live Q&A events with NFPA staff, and connect with other members in the Members Forum and Sections.


Questions? Ask below!


The images above probably look familiar if you have spent time in Xchange. We have lots of experts here masquerading as bowling balls, spiders, and flowers. 


Here's a quick how-to on how to update your avatar - the image that shows up next to anything you post.


1. Click your Avatar in the upper right hand corner of your screen

2. Edit Profile

3. Click on the Photos tab

4. Upload your image

5. On the right, you will see a prompt to add this photo as your avatar, click yes, resize and add your avatar




Same 1 and 2 as above and then:

3. Click on the Avatars tab

4. Click on "Add your own image"

5. Upload, resize, and save your avatar


And now you're no longer a bowling ball!


If you have any questions, please post below!


Extra reading:

You may be thinking, "why does it matter if I'm a bowling ball, or if there is a photo of me?" Interacting online is unique, but there are things we can do to build trust with people we interact with. One of those is associating a face with that person. It gives us, as humans, a sense of security that someone real is on the other end of the computer. Adding a photo helps people connect with you and what you want to share here on Xchange.


What is NFPA Xchange?

Posted by kcaponigro Employee Jul 19, 2017


Welcome to the NFPA Xchange Community! We're glad you have joined us here.


You may be wondering what, exactly, is Xchange? Read on to find out.


At the NFPA, we believe that we are stronger, smarter, and safer together. Asking each other questions, sharing experiences, and providing expertise adds to the collective knowledgebase that we can each use to solve for safety challenges in the real-world. Xchange is the space NFPA has created to do just that.


Xchange is designed to make finding the information you need to do your job better and to make the world safer as easy and fast as possible. By curating real-world questions and answers, Xchange is a growing database of advice and solutions to the very issues you face day-to-day.


As a community, Xchange relies on you to keep the base of knowledge growing. Searching is a great place to start here in the community. Don't be afraid to ask a question - there are more than 30,000 peers out there to help. And finally, Xchange needs your voice to continue to grow and become an even more powerful tool in keeping the world safe. If you have expertise, share it! Chime in and answer a peer question, or start your own discussion on a current issue.


We look forward to hearing your voice here in Xchange! 


Following can be a good thing - take the ducklings above, for example. Following is also an important concept to helping you get the most out of your Xchange experience.


What Can You Follow?

You can follow content, places, and people in Xchange. To follow a specific piece of content, like this post or a discussion, look in the upper right hand corner for "Actions", and click "Follow". Done!


Let's say you are interested in Building & Life Safety - you should follow the Building & Life Safety Xchange. Go to that page (Building & Life Safety ), look in the top left of the banner and click Follow.


You can also follow people - just click on their profile photo or name, and click - you got it - "Follow".


What Does Following Do?

If you select "Follow" and check "Inbox", you will receive an email each time the place or person you are following does something in Xchange (posts something new, etc.). If you just select "Follow", this will show up on your "Following" News Stream (more about that next), and in your weekly (or daily) community digest emails.


What is the "Following" Stream?

On the Xchange homepage, under the top banner you'll see a row categories that starts with "News". At the end, you'll see "Following". If you click on this view, you will see all the latest activity just from the content, people, and places you are following. Want to make this your default view? Just click on the thumbtack icon in the upper left.


Following content, places, and people will help surface the content you care most about most quickly.


Questions about Following? Ask below!


Online communities, like Xchange, have great advantages: we can connect with peers all over the world, at any time of day, on a variety of topics. One thing that is a little harder to do in an online forum like this is really get to know one another. Your Xchange profile is an easy way to help others get to know you, and trust the answers you provide to discussions here in the community.


So take a few moments to fill in your profile - tell us where you're logging on from, what your job or expertise is, and, yes, brag a little about your accomplishments in your field! Bonus points for adding a profile photo


Thank you to milt.werner for inspiring this post, and for sharing your interesting background in your profile!

One of Xchange's most helpful features often gets overlooked: the main search magnifying glass. (Excuse my pun!)


If you are looking for something specific within Xchange, start here! Simply start typing , and everything related to your topic will pop-up, whether it's a blog post, a previously asked question, webinar, etc. 


In the example below, you can see by typing in "arc flash risk", we see related blog posts from NFPA staff, as well as asked and answered peer questions.


Happy searching!


The new Xchange homepage not only looks different, but offers some great new features to help you make the most of the community by easily accessing content that is important to you.


The homepage works off a News Stream - much like other social media platforms, this shows you the most recent and most popular content from people and places that you follow. Each section has the name of place where the content is coming from (at the top in gray - these are clickable links, too!)






Along the top of the news feed, you will see other options, like "Open Idea Xchange". When you click on these, you will see only content from that particular section of Xchange.


You can make any of these options the first thing you see on the homepage. When you are on the page you'd like to set as your default view, just click the pin on the right hand side. Now, this will be your view when you log in to Xchange.


The red dots next to the sections across the top (like NFPA Blogs in the image to the left) mean that there is new content since your last visit.


Have questions on how to navigate the new homepage? Ask below!


What's New in Xchange

Posted by kcaponigro Employee Jun 1, 2017

If you've visited Xchange before, you may notice we've made some updates. We've listened to our users and made some changes to make Xchange easier to use, and a more valuable tool to connect with peers on important topics.


If you're new to Xchange - welcome! Read on to find more about interacting in the community.


Xchange Forums

This is the heart of the Xchange community, where users from around the world can ask and answer each other's questions. Up against a scenario you've never seen before? Wondering how to make your home or business safer? Search the thousands of questions already asked, or ask a new question to over 35,000 Xchange users.


To make asking, and answering, questions easier, you will select one of the topic-based forums to ask your question or post a discussion. Please choose the most closely related topic to post in.


To see all of the activity across all topics, browse the Xchange Forums activity feed. You must select a topic area (Building & Life Safety, Code Enforcement, Electrical, Emergency Response, Fire Protection Systems, or Industrial & Chemical) in order to post a question.


NFPA Blogs

The NFPA Blogs are still here! There is a link to blogs in the navigation header.


Xchange Xclusives

You must be registered for Xchange to access these whitepapers and webinars. As always, Xchange access is free! Once you are registered, you will be able to access this content.


For NFPA Members

NFPA Members enjoy additional access to the Technical Knowledgebase - questions that have already been answered by NFPA staff, as well as the Technical Questions service, which allows you to ask your question directly to NFPA staff.


NFPA Members also have access to exclusive content, including NFPA Live Q&A Video events with NFPA Technical Staff and early access to new whitepapers and webinars.

Haven't registered for NFPA Xchange yet? It’s easy to do. Follow these instructions to get started.


1) Login here:


If you do not have an account on, you will first need to create a profile. 


2) Once you've completed login you’ll be redirected to Xchange. If this is your first time logging into Xchange you'll see this screen where you'll be asked to confirm your desired account name. You must also click on the "terms & conditions" link and then agree to them.


After doing so you will then be sent to the Xchange homepage where you can begin searching, commenting, and creating your own discussions. And if you are searching for a particular piece of content you can always do so using the search function at the top right of every page:


how to search for webinars in Xchange



For more information on how to make the best use of NFPA Xchange, please see the attached Powerpoint presentation. Comment below if you have questions!