How to log into Xchange for the first time

Blog Post created by bpugh Employee on Dec 20, 2016

Haven't registered for NFPA Xchange yet? It’s easy to do. Follow these instructions to get started.


1) Login here:


If you do not have an account on nfpa.org, you will first need to create a profile. 


2) Once you've completed login you’ll be redirected to Xchange. If this is your first time logging into Xchange you'll see this screen where you'll be asked to confirm your desired account name.

3) Read and agree to NFPA Xchange's Terms & Conditions:



After doing so you will then be sent to the Xchange homepage where you can begin searching, commenting, and creating your own discussions. And if you are searching for a particular piece of content you can always do so using the search function at the top right of every page:


how to search for webinars in Xchange



For more information on how to make the best use of NFPA Xchange, please see the attached Powerpoint presentation. Comment below if you have questions!