What's New in Xchange

Blog Post created by kcaponigro Employee on Jun 1, 2017

If you've visited Xchange before, you may notice we've made some updates. We've listened to our users and made some changes to make Xchange easier to use, and a more valuable tool to connect with peers on important topics.


If you're new to Xchange - welcome! Read on to find more about interacting in the community.


Xchange Forums

This is the heart of the Xchange community, where users from around the world can ask and answer each other's questions. Up against a scenario you've never seen before? Wondering how to make your home or business safer? Search the thousands of questions already asked, or ask a new question to over 35,000 Xchange users.


To make asking, and answering, questions easier, you will select one of the topic-based forums to ask your question or post a discussion. Please choose the most closely related topic to post in.


To see all of the activity across all topics, browse the Xchange Forums activity feed. You must select a topic area (Building & Life Safety, Code Enforcement, Electrical, Emergency Response, Fire Protection Systems, or Industrial & Chemical) in order to post a question.


NFPA Blogs

The NFPA Blogs are still here! There is a link to blogs in the navigation header.


Xchange Xclusives

You must be registered for Xchange to access these whitepapers and webinars. As always, Xchange access is free! Once you are registered, you will be able to access this content.


For NFPA Members

NFPA Members enjoy additional access to the Technical Knowledgebase - questions that have already been answered by NFPA staff, as well as the Technical Questions service, which allows you to ask your question directly to NFPA staff.


NFPA Members also have access to exclusive content, including NFPA Live Q&A Video events with NFPA Technical Staff and early access to new whitepapers and webinars.