NEW Xchange Homepage: Tips and Tricks

Blog Post created by kcaponigro Employee on Jun 2, 2017

The new Xchange homepage not only looks different, but offers some great new features to help you make the most of the community by easily accessing content that is important to you.


The homepage works off a News Stream - much like other social media platforms, this shows you the most recent and most popular content from people and places that you follow. Each section has the name of place where the content is coming from (at the top in gray - these are clickable links, too!)






Along the top of the news feed, you will see other options, like "Open Idea Xchange". When you click on these, you will see only content from that particular section of Xchange.


You can make any of these options the first thing you see on the homepage. When you are on the page you'd like to set as your default view, just click the pin on the right hand side. Now, this will be your view when you log in to Xchange.


The red dots next to the sections across the top (like NFPA Blogs in the image to the left) mean that there is new content since your last visit.


Have questions on how to navigate the new homepage? Ask below!