I'm a Follower! Personalizing (and Optimizing!) Your Xchange Experience

Blog Post created by kcaponigro Employee on Jul 3, 2017


Following can be a good thing - take the ducklings above, for example. Following is also an important concept to helping you get the most out of your Xchange experience.


What Can You Follow?

You can follow content, places, and people in Xchange. To follow a specific piece of content, like this post or a discussion, look in the upper right hand corner for "Actions", and click "Follow". Done!


Let's say you are interested in Building & Life Safety - you should follow the Building & Life Safety Xchange. Go to that page (Building & Life Safety ), look in the top left of the banner and click Follow.


You can also follow people - just click on their profile photo or name, and click - you got it - "Follow".


What Does Following Do?

If you select "Follow" and check "Inbox", you will receive an email each time the place or person you are following does something in Xchange (posts something new, etc.). If you just select "Follow", this will show up on your "Following" News Stream (more about that next), and in your weekly (or daily) community digest emails.


What is the "Following" Stream?

On the Xchange homepage, under the top banner you'll see a row categories that starts with "News". At the end, you'll see "Following". If you click on this view, you will see all the latest activity just from the content, people, and places you are following. Want to make this your default view? Just click on the thumbtack icon in the upper left.


Following content, places, and people will help surface the content you care most about most quickly.


Questions about Following? Ask below!