Why are you a bowling ball? How to update your "Avatar"

Blog Post created by kcaponigro Employee on Aug 3, 2017


The images above probably look familiar if you have spent time in Xchange. We have lots of experts here masquerading as bowling balls, spiders, and flowers. 


Here's a quick how-to on how to update your avatar - the image that shows up next to anything you post.


1. Click your Avatar in the upper right hand corner of your screen

2. Edit Profile

3. Click on the Photos tab

4. Upload your image

5. On the right, you will see a prompt to add this photo as your avatar, click yes, resize and add your avatar




Same 1 and 2 as above and then:

3. Click on the Avatars tab

4. Click on "Add your own image"

5. Upload, resize, and save your avatar


And now you're no longer a bowling ball!


If you have any questions, please post below!


Extra reading:

You may be thinking, "why does it matter if I'm a bowling ball, or if there is a photo of me?" Interacting online is unique, but there are things we can do to build trust with people we interact with. One of those is associating a face with that person. It gives us, as humans, a sense of security that someone real is on the other end of the computer. Adding a photo helps people connect with you and what you want to share here on Xchange.