• Fire prevention and public education

    The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) develops and delivers fire prevention and safety education programs in partnership with other federal agencies, the fire and emergency response community, the media, and safety inte...
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  • NFPA70-E frequency of Arc Flash studies

    I work for a water district in southern California. I recently paid an engineering firm to complete Arc Flash studies on 20 sites. If in 5 years there are no changes to the equipment. do I need to have a complete Arc ...
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  • Hangar  group I

    NFPA 409 [2011].  A project for a hangar Group I service center with 262,000 sq ft and 40 ft high; with foam water deluge and linear heat detector under  the roof . They  are  not providing  s...
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  • Additional Hydraulic Calcs for Prescriptive Pipe Sizing Method

    When showing compliance for a new Fire Sprinkler system of a Single Family Home, Multipurpose wet-pipe system using the Prescriptive Pipe Sizing method referenced in NFPA 13D and the CPC-section 612.0, are any other p...
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  • 5 year Internal Inspection / Annual Inspection

    When performing a 5 year internal inspection on a wet/dry fire sprinkler system, is it required to perform all items which are included for the annual inspection, and then so the 5 year internal is accepted as the ann...
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  • Medical Gas Panel Alarms 

    Hello my name is Michael Polito,   I'm a Plant Operations Manager at a hospital and I'm inquiring about adding blood bank refrigerator/freezer temperature alarms alarm through our main medical gas alarm panel th...
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  • When are you allowed to delete draft stops in vertical openings?

    There is no clear clause from the code if draft stops can be deleted if you are using "Vent-Sprinkler" method. There is no mention there that the draft stops are to be removed.
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  • Commerical Properties Permanent Window Guards

    When I comes to commercial properties. Are permanent window guards allowed? my scenario is a Doctors office and a Yoga Studio. Both are located in the second level of the structure. Both have permanent ...
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  • Toilet Fire Detection

    hello    what kind of fire detection is used in toilet areas for above and below fall ceiling. can anyone reply with NFPA 72 reference   br sebin
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  • fire suppression detection

    If the room protected by a fire suppression system has a beam pocket, it is required/mandatory to provide Z1 & Z2 detector in any case?
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    Hi  What is the standard size and length of Fire Hose Reel or Class II Hose Reel System? Where exactly is this mentioned in NFPA standard?   As per my knowledge Fire Hose Reel standard is 25mm dia and 30mt...
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  • email change

    How do I change the email allocated to my account?
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  • NFPA 70e Restricted Approach Boundary Question

    NFPA 70e Question: Note ‘a’ to Table 130.4(D)(a) directs the user to use a voltage level of the phase-to-ground voltage times 1.732 when determining the limited and restricted approach boundaries for singl...
  • email Address Change

    I need to change my email address. 
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  • Is there a 2012 record of completion? I can only find a 2002 version.

    The local fire department wants a 2012 record of completion. I have searched and can only find a 2002 version. Is there a 2012 version and if so, does anyone know where I can find it?
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  • How do I change my password?

    How do I change my password?
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  • trouble viewing articles in NFPA Xchange

    I am trying to view the recent post on "Safely Storing Hand Sanitizer in a Warehouse" but unable to.  Any guidance? Thanks Matt
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  • How to log into Xchange for the first time

    Haven't registered for NFPA Xchange yet? It’s easy to do. Follow these instructions to get started.   1) Login here: http://www.nfpa.org/xchange   If you do not have an account on nfpa.org, yo...
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  • How long does a video take to appear after posted?

    I submitted a video several hours ago, however, it has yet to appear in the forums.
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  • Contact information

    Hello, I am trying to reach Ken Willette.  Thank you.  Chris Barton, editor, Fire Engineering Books
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