• email change

    How do I change the email allocated to my account?
    created by jdelara
  • trouble viewing articles in NFPA Xchange

    I am trying to view the recent post on "Safely Storing Hand Sanitizer in a Warehouse" but unable to.  Any guidance? Thanks Matt
    created by design13
  • Fire Panel Dialer communication

    Need to know the newest requirements on POTS line vs Radio communication for a fire panel dialer. Whats the required way that my fire panels should be using in today's requirements.
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  • NFPA-30-Extract- Clarification required

    last modified by peerkalam
  • How long does it take to get an answer if I ask the Xchange FAQ?

    I posted an inquiry to the Xchange FAQ on May 20th, but no one answers.
    last modified by hyo.seok.choi
  • Energy Storage Systems

    Our data centre client is proposing to locate Lithium-ion batteries (energy storage system) into the server racks in the data centre halls. I have read the Fire Protection Research Foundation report from May 2019 rega...
    last modified by pcharman
  • Standpipes in exit stairwell and landing valves are in fire fighting lobby

    Hi, I am working on a high rise project with fire fighting lobbies. The standpipes are located in exit stairwell while the 65mm landing valves penetrates thru walls and can be accessed in the fire fighting lobby.Is th...
  • Slaughter House Hazard catagory.

    Dear Sir/Madam   As per NFPA 1142. Slaughter house fall in category of light hazard. But there is no discussion of Slaughter house in NFPA 101 & NFPA 5000 about slaughter house. If slaughter house is with ou...
  • Espaciamiento detectores

    De acuerdo a la norma NFPA72 2013, la tabla indica que el espaciamiento de los detectores de calor debe reducirse de acuerdo a esa tabla antes de llevar a cabo cualquier reduccion adicional para las vigas o...
    created by carlosyelamo14
  • Spacing of heat detectors

    Translated with google traductor: In accordance with NFPA72 2013, Table indicates that the spacing of heat detectors must be reduced according to that table before any additional reductions are made fo...
    created by carlosyelamo14
  • How long does a video take to appear after posted?

    I submitted a video several hours ago, however, it has yet to appear in the forums.
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  • Contact information

    Hello, I am trying to reach Ken Willette.  Thank you.  Chris Barton, editor, Fire Engineering Books
    last modified by chrisb
  • Member Section Access

    Hi, I am having difficulty accessing member section pages on Xchange. When I click on the drop down link it tells me I am unauthorised, despite having an up to date membership. Can you assist please?
    last modified by robertscott_sfb
  • Can No Longer Manage/Edit Published Article

    Hello Community! Noticed that I lost the ability to edit an article that I published earlier this year. I searched this issue on the FAQ's and Google'd it, but no luck. For those wondering, the article is still in my ...
    last modified by populartoday
  • Xchange App

    Is there or will there be an app for xchange?
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  • Deleting my profile

    I am now retired and no longer want/ need access to the NFPA Xchange. I wish to discontinue or delete my profile.
    last modified by janders
  • NFPA Live Sessions...Are they recorded for later viewing/reviewing?

    Will the NFPA Live session on NFPA 101 scheduled for January 24, 2019 be recorded and posted later for viewing?
    last modified by david.wyatt
  • Combined Profile

    My name is Bob Wheeler and mistakenly didn't realize that my chief was logged into his account on my computer. I unfortunately have created my profile using my name but it used his email account. Is there away to set ...
    last modified by bwheels46
  • email Address Change

    I need to change my email address. 
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  • Seasonal Lighting

    Is seasonal lighting restricted to only 30 days out of a calendar year or 30 days per holiday season?
    created by ldesmares