• Deleting my profile

    I am now retired and no longer want/ need access to the NFPA Xchange. I wish to discontinue or delete my profile.
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  • NFPA Live Sessions...Are they recorded for later viewing/reviewing?

    Will the NFPA Live session on NFPA 101 scheduled for January 24, 2019 be recorded and posted later for viewing?
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  • Combined Profile

    My name is Bob Wheeler and mistakenly didn't realize that my chief was logged into his account on my computer. I unfortunately have created my profile using my name but it used his email account. Is there away to set ...
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  • Seasonal Lighting

    Is seasonal lighting restricted to only 30 days out of a calendar year or 30 days per holiday season?
    created by ldesmares
  • Xchange Live Session for 9/13/18

    On 9/4/18, I received an email that said you were conducting a live session on Sept 13th at 1:00 EST "What you need to know about reference codes and standards".  I just now received a different email that says t...
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  • My  Memebership expires

    How I can restore my membership ?
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  • How do I stop receiving actual mail from NFPA?

    I find it to be very wasteful and environmentally irresponsible to continue to get junk mail from this organization.  I want to continue to be a member but only want to receive e-mails.    Thanks
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  • Membership Login help pls!

    Good Morning, I have a profile created and have a membership but cannot figure out how to link the membership to my profile. There is no option to log into the membership area. It only gives me the option to become a ...
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  • Correct spelling of my name and adding another email address

    Aloha Kyla,   How do I go about getting my name spelled correctly? It's SeaRay with two capital letters. I also would like to add another email address this way I can receive both incase I'm traveling.
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  • How do I see my history of archived Webinars I have attended ?

    How do I see my history of archived Webinars I have attended ?
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  • Webinars Info

    How do I see what Webinars I have attended and or have scheduled for future viewing and also to add to my Outlook Calendar?
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  • Finding Relevant Content: CARF Regulated  Facilities

    I'm new here and trying to navigate the site... How do I find content relative to my facility...a substance abuse recovery center certified through CARF?  I thought I joined the Health Care section and maybe I'm ...
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  • It seems the new site is hard to navigate

    On the old one, you could see all new questions/ replies in one place.   Plus it seems the conversion has brought old questions back up   Did not know where to post this
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  • How do I turn off the notifications to my email?

    How do I stop getting emails from the community?
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