Application of Thermal Parameters in Pigs

Blog Post created by hmc on Jul 31, 2018

Before beginning with the experiment in particular, I want to establish that the spirit of analysis of the present report is to be a clear and scientifically forceful contribution to solve the question of investigation:
Is it possible to disintegrate a piece of a human body through the application of heat from a blowtorch (burner) of LPG?
Taking into account my previous experience and my training, I have thought it prudent and necessary to deepen and reanalyze the updates of literature, investigations and information related to human combustion. The previous experience in these cases has delivered relevant and scientifically accepted information.
The present document will be sent only and exclusively for the purpose of solving the research question, expressed through a field experiment, in this particular case with the original elements associated with a real factor of police investigation, we seek to establish an irrefutable way that can be disintegrated to bring a human body to the point of ashes or dust.