How to Manage a Construction Project

Blog Post created by populartoday on Dec 14, 2018

Handling a construction project may be overwhelming and confusing. Whether you're managing the construction of a small home or a big commercial building, there is a variety of tasks that have to be handled carefully for favorable results. This can make it hard for a construction manager to keep track of everything that's happening. And if the project is handled poorly, it'll end up being more costly. How can you as a project manager ensure that everything is running smoothly? Luckily, there are several ways how to manage a construction project to ensure your project is running well.

How to Manage a Construction Project - Hinder the Possibility of Fires


Plan Well For Success


It may sound obvious, but most construction managers end up with a failed project because they failed to plan well in advance. They had no clear plan on how they would start and finish the job, or what to do in case of project edits. To be successful, you have to take care of four vital items in the planning phase. One, outline your goals. What do you intend to achieve by the end of the project? Second, list the milestones you need to beat in order to achieve your goals. Third, have a clear and concise schedule that outlines the order of tasks each day. Fourth, make a list of daily things to do and once it has been done, mark it as completed.


Taking the time to plan is a crucial element in construction that you should not overlook. As mentioned earlier, it's easy to get confused; but with an established plan, you'll have a guide to help you out.


Estimate the Costs of the Job


Inefficient cost estimates may lead to costly adjustments later. Before starting the project, sit down with the client and make realistic estimates for the project. This may include basics of knowing how long the project will last and the materials to be used. Also, beware of other factors influencing the project. Check if you have the needed permits and enough workforce to complete the project on time.


Think Big, Always


For project managers to end up with excellent results, they need to look at the bigger picture. Keep in mind every milestone but at the same time, think of the whole project as a whole. The key aspects of focusing on the big picture are avoiding micromanagement and staying on top of all the work itself. And, be prepared for any setbacks that may come along your way. Unexpected obstacles such as bad weather, sick employees, a breakdown of equipment and misplaced materials can happen and it's vital to be prepared for them.


Communication is Critical - Have Meaningful Meetings


A construction manager should set up meaningful meetings with all the parties involved to discuss matters instrumental in pushing the project forward. If anyone feels that there are some things going wrong and better strategies need to be implemented, then he/she will air that at the meeting. The key objectives of the meeting should be explaining in detail the setbacks facing the project and options on how to handle them, and discussing any opportunities the project presents. It might also be a good idea to have contracts set up with people and companies involved in the project.


Consider Using a Project Management Software


A project management software is a tool that can be your best friend in managing various things concerning the project. Even you may spend some money on this tool; it's worth it. By using this software, you'll be able to put together appointments, track billing, create spreadsheets and other things that you can forget. It'll keep track of any delivered materials and remind you to pay for them. After paying for them, the software will subtract from the budget so that you can know how much is left. This way, you won't spend more than you have. The best thing is that this tool is easy to use and you won't need loads of paperwork.


Construction Fires


According to the National Fire Protection Association, over the past few years there have been a total of $172 million in damage for properties under construction. Within this statistic includes five civilian deaths, and 51 injuries. Due to the possibility of human and property damage, it is key to know how to properly manage a construction project to prevent tragedies like these from happening.

If you have been looking for ways on how to manage a construction project, then the above tips can help you. By following the above project management tips, you have a better chance of success.