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#As per NFPA101 2018 edition New Educational Occupancies,  sub section  supervised automatic sprinkler system is required  if not required as per sub section (  In this edition state that Non re- locatable buildings having area not exceeding 1000 ft2 or 93m2), where as in  previous edition area limit was 12,000 ft2 or 1120 m2. What is the intent of this change ? Are there educational occupancies with floor area of 1000ft2? I think it is not practical to divide building in to fire separation of 1000ft2 to avoid automatic sprinkler system.

 NPA101 indirectly wish to state that all non re-locatable buildings shall be sprinkled then direct statement to that effect would have been better for code users.

NFPA should reduce the complexity and make it user friendly to the extent possible. Or Is there any thing more  that I did not understand? What is the intent of this section?