• Obit Joseph Benjamin Roy Jr., retired state fire marshal

    Ben was FMANA (IFMA) President from 1989-1990 and Executive Secretary from 1991-1998.Joseph Benjamin Roy Jr., retired state fire marshalApril 21, 2020 Joseph Benjamin Roy Jr., 81, of Rehoboth Beach passed away Saturda...
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  • NFPA Hot Work Safety Program

    NFPA Hot Work Safety ProgramNFPA's Hot Work Safety Certificate Program was created to help those in the construction industry develop awareness and understanding of dangers and safety procedures to promote safety on t...
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  • IFMA 2020 Nominating Committee Report

    The 2020 IFMA nominating committee submits the following report for the upcoming IFMA Election.   President: Chris Hiener – Fire Marshal Union Fire District, RI 1st Vice President: Ken Tyree – Stat...
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  • Can someone explain the required times once an alarm device

    So when doing a monitored fire alarm test. I was told /taught that you activate an alarm(pull station, etc) then start a stop watch and see how long it takes for our fire dept dispatch to notify us that an alarm has b...
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  • fire fighting

    Established pipelines that come after fire fighting station, is Distributed on land or under land or on wall of factory what is wrong what right ?
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  • arm over feeding an upright sprinkler head question

    Is an upright sprinkler head allowed to be installed in a way where the arm over comes down off the main? For example, there is a 4” main and then the 1” arm over has a weld o let that drops down to a 2...
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  • Is it required to load-test my generators?

    Im looking at NFPA 110 with regards to a generator service and testing contract I have.  It doesn't help me determine the class and level for the generator I have.  What I want to know is whether load testin...
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  • 1240 gallon DOT propane cylinder storage requirements

    what code applies to storage of 1240 gallon DOT propane cylinders while awaiting use? NFPA 58 CH8 applies to cylinders awaiting use less than 1000 lb. I am looking for storage requirements for up to 6 DOT cy...
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  • Regarding NFPA 1620

    For the pre-plan , or pre-indicate planing for industrial Area , every when do we need to do it ? Thanks.
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  • Tire replacement

    Our fire company recently purchased a Rosenbauer Pumper.  After a few months we checked the date on the drive tires that were on the truck and found they were 4 years old already.  We contacted Rosenbauer an...
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  • SCBA cylinder

    how often do we need to change the oxygen inside SCBA cylinder . for firefighters if the cylinders didn't use for long time.
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  • How to distribute co2 fire extingushers in power plant ??

    How to distribute co2 fire extingushers in power plant ??
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  • Fire Flow Requirement

    My question is regarding NFPA Fire Code “Building Other Than One and Two-Family Dwellings” and Code 18.5.4 “Minimum Number of Fire Hydrants for Fire Flow.  Proposed scenario: 80,000 Sq...
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  • Fire inspection companies?

    Hi,  I've noticed that many companies that offer fire inspection also fire suppression installation services. I'm wondering if there are any companies do just inspection? If so, what are the big names out there?...
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  • Thrust Support for above ground Sprinkler Piping.

    Does above ground Fire Fighting Sprinkler Piping require any additional Supports apart from mentioned in NFPA 13 such as Rigid/Thrust at change of direction/in  a long run of Piping.
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  • why??  NFPA code didin't specify any requirement to FLUSH internal Sprinkler piping inside the Building.

    why??  NFPA code didin't specify any requirement to FLUSH internal Sprinkler piping inside the Building.
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  • Building Requirements for Automatic Sprinkler System

    Details: I am in the process of new construction for a commercial building. Building will be approximately 10,000 sqft with multi-purposes: (1) being a 7,000 sqft hard surface soccer court (2) being a small eatery pr...
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  • temporary fire protection in parking area - mall

    Hi,   we need to have a temporary fire protection in underground parking arena (08 nos. of basement) for a time travel of 15 days, as the building (shopping mall) is under construction.   Current cond...
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  • Quick response sprinkler in retail area - mall

    All Retail Shops are recommended to be provided with Quick Response Sprinklers. Fire Size used in the calculations is 2.5 MW considering Quick Response Sprinklers in compliance with BS 7346 Part 4 Table 3.   &#...
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  • Construction Paper Decorations Covering Schools

    Greetings,   I am an Occupational Safety and Health Specialist for 15 public K-12 school districts in Washington State. I have had a few school districts struggle to keep teachers from putting construction paper...
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