• The minimum height consideration - egress path

    Hi,   As per NFPA - 101, 7.1.5 "Means of egress shall be designed and maintained to provide headroom in accordance with other sections of this code, and such headroom shall be not less than 7 ft 6 in. (2285 mm)....
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  • Fire Marshal credentialing?

    I seem to remember seeing something in an IFMA newsletter about NFPA developing a Fire Marshal certification similar to CFI and Plans Examiner. Has there been any movement on this, or was someone just wishing out loud...
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  • Fire pump system limitations?

    Is there a limit on Fire pumps?...How many systems can 1 Fire pump supply....Bldg. is 750,000 sq. ft. 
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  • Can an ESFR Sprinkler be used on a ceiling slope exceeding a pitch of 2 in 12 ?

    In NFPA 13 - 2016 it's clearly stated at that ESFR sprinklers shall be installed only in buildings where roof or ceiling slope above the sprinklers does not exceed a pitch of 2 in 12 (a rise of 2 units in a ru...
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  • Color Code system for Fire Extinguisher's

    Is there a Color Code system for Fire Extinguisher's in the USA if there is where would i find it? thank you
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  • fire command station in basement - a level below from ground floor

    We have proposed fire command station in basement, a lower level from ground floor of a mixed occupancy - a mall. Suitable exits are available in case of emergency. Are there any rules or guidelines to have the same ...
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  • dry pipe system in basements - how is it suitable

    Dry riser system to be given in basements of a mixed occupancy of a mall. The mall is having 10 basement parking level. As per NFPA; how it could be considered to design. Dry riser / pre - action system to be followed...
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  • Modifications affecting more than 20 heads

    NFPA 13 2010 Edition states that modifications affecting more than 20 heads must be hydrostatically tested unless the system cannot be isolated.  To what extent is "isolated" considered.  If I have a multi f...
  • Overhead Doors on an Emergency Escape Map?

    I have three adjoining ground floor buildings, with square footage of 67,000, 56,000 and 47,000 each. I of course have my (man door) fire door exits marked on my maps. We have several overhead doors leading to the out...
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  • Need ARC Flash Train the Trainer Course

    Does anyone have any information on which organization or agency is the parent company that provides ARC Flash train the trainer courses.  The electric company that I work for has Master electricians on staff and...
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    I have a company that wants us to rent them a temporary firewater pump, NFPA 20 addresses stationary firewater pumps, what standard applies to temporary/removable firewater pumps?
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  • Management Information Systems

    My department is currently using Aegis Fire Records to collect our Data in regards to providing Fire and Life Safety programs; we are looking for different options. Can anyone provide me with an alternate solution?...
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  • Using Schedule system with a dry pipe system

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  • Turnout Gear

    Is their anything in the NFPA that states two firemen shouldn’t share the same set of turn out gear?
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  • portable extinguishers multi-dwelling/apartments

    In NJ. Is it required that 2A:10BC portable extinguishers be in every apartment unit or is common hallway enough if it meets the distance of travel. Some units lack a common shared hallway so I figure just have a...
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  • Sprinkler Requirements for Class C Chamber

    NFPA code for Class C Hyperbaric Chamber installation in a veterinary facility
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  • Initial Stand-up of a fire prevention division

    Hi everybody;     I’m interested in talking to people who have experience in starting a fire prevention unit from scratch within a fire department, especially in volunteer, combination or small career...
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  • NFPA-130   Chapter 12

    NFPA-130   Chapter 12 I am looking to see how this chapter is interpreted. Is it to be interpreted as one for example is a wire and cable to meet all requirements listed entirely? OR is each section separate fr...
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    I am very aware that NFPA 25 inspections reference and are in relation to NFPA 72 standards. The question is: Is it require to verify the proper activation of notification appliances during a routine NFPA 25 inspectio...
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  • main relief valve

    If we have a vertical turbine diesel fire pump and  a vertical turbine electric fire pump connected to a common discharge header, is it correct to install the main relief valve on the main discharge header?
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