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Steven Dube
@Is there a standard or code that describes how many times safer is a lay person who takes portable fire extinguisher training than one who doesn't? Thank you
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Jeremy Mitchell
Here's an article I recently had published by Firehouse Magazine in which I offer a rebuttal to the common perception of all firefighters as heroes: Firefighters and Heroes; Firefighter News | Firehouse 
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Oleg Lecht
Hello, My question is related to Table Maximum Submergence Time for High-Expansion Foam Measured from Start of Foam Discharge in Minutes (NFPA 11): There are two columns (sprinklered and not sprinklered) for each Construction Type. What is a sprinkler system definition and according to what standard it should be designed? How does it… (Show more)
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Lawrence Gray
Shared by Lawrence Gray 4 months ago (Show more)
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Samantha Hoffmann
In support of the 2016 FPW theme, 'Don't wait - Check the Date' we created this fire safety parody.  If you like it, please share it!
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Carl Finney
Has anyone had discussions about securing doors related to an active shooter while balancing Fire Safety requirements?
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