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Jeremy Mitchell
Here's an article I recently had published by Firehouse Magazine in which I offer a rebuttal to the common perception of all firefighters as heroes: Firefighters and Heroes; Firefighter News | Firehouse 
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Oleg Lecht
Hello, My question is related to Table Maximum Submergence Time for High-Expansion Foam Measured from Start of Foam Discharge in Minutes (NFPA 11): There are two columns (sprinklered and not sprinklered) for each Construction Type. What is a sprinkler system definition and according to what standard it should be designed? How does it… (Show more)
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Lawrence Gray
Shared by Lawrence Gray 3 months ago (Show more)
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Samantha Hoffmann
In support of the 2016 FPW theme, 'Don't wait - Check the Date' we created this fire safety parody.  If you like it, please share it!
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Carl Finney
Has anyone had discussions about securing doors related to an active shooter while balancing Fire Safety requirements?
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Jeff Donahue
The Nevada State Fire Marshal Division participated in the 15th Annual National Night Out in the Park, August 2nd in Carson City.  This is the 10th year that the Division has participated in this event and the 6th year Sparky® has tagged along.  The Carson City Sheriff's Office was the sponsor.   As an added bonus to the event, the… (Show more)
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Michele Steinberg
  NFPA's annual Conference & Expo attracts some 5,000 attendees from all over the nation and the world who are looking for information, knowledge and tools they can use right away in their jobs. With great attendance in Las Vegas in June 2016, a full wildland fire education session track was successful in conveying key information about fire… (Show more)
Steven Sawyer
While election years have been called by some the "Silly Season", there is some silliness that has spilled over into the Fire Marshal profession in the last week. As a disclaimer, this is not a political post or commentary on any specific candidate or party. Just a discussion about what's going on and how one AHJ has had some success in the past.… (Show more)