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Pat Byrnes
To expand on a reply on another thread.  It seems hard to get training for rural firefighters; fire academies may be far distant from rural areas and small, rural departments may lack training money. And, some rural volunteer  FDs have enough turnover that even the departments' chiefs and officers may "not know what they don't know" in terms of… (Show more)
Hi All - My name is Charlie Boyte and am the fire chief for the Pender Islands in BC Canada. I joined the fire service in 1983. I have seen and learned a lot since then and hope to learn lots more from all the folks heading to Boston in May.  I am looking forward to the trip east and the opertunity to meet some of you.   Pender Island is located… (Show more)
John Caufield
Seems like a simple question - on the surface - but the issue of a clear definition is key to addressing problems & issues.    I pose this question because the U.S. federal government has 15 different definitions for "Rural" (link from the Washington Post (2013))… (Show more)
Dustin Free
Ok, this is my first time ever attending a symposium. Can anyone in the group fill me in on what to expect. I want to take full benefit of this opportunity, and be beneficial to the group. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone next month. thanks in advance for your input.
John Caufield
PDF of the report entitled "Mitigation of the Rural Fire Problem report" (Dec. 2007)  produced by NFPA and USFA.  This is a document from 10 years ago, and looked at the Rural Fire Problem.  It's a lengthy document, but check out the Table of Contents, particularly Chapter 3 and Appendix E (Best Practices).    Also, the NFPA Journal July/August…
John Caufield
The Fire Prevention and Safety Grant (FEMA) period is now open and closes on May 19 at 1700 hrs. (Eastern).  Be sure to consider applying for a worthy project/program. Fire Prevention & Safety Grants |  
Ron Chilston
Hello, My name is Ron Chilston and I am the Assistant Chief for the Jerome Fire Department in Jerome Az.  We are a small mountainside community in Northern Arizona that is on the National Registry of Historic Places.  We are a town of 444 on 1 square mile, yet our small town gets 1.5 million visitors per year because of it's Historic relevance as… (Show more)
Keith Follin
There are 2 major problems I see with the AFG "rules" that desperately need to be changed to facilitate smaller department participation and/or awarding.   1) The cost share category. The last category (5% cost share) needs to be divided into a 4th category. This category doesn't fully represent the rural volunteer fire department demographic. A… (Show more)
Joseph Maruca
Hi All, I'm chief of a small fire department on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.  We protect a community of 3500 people -- 1200 households.  Our village is overwhelmingly single family homes.  We run an ALS - Paramedic Ambulance.  We handle about 700 calls per year --- 65% EMS.  It has been 3 years since our last building fire.  We have 5 career and 40… (Show more)
Pat Byrnes
At, I tried clicking on  Mitigation of the Rural Fire Problem: Strategies Based on Original Research and Adaptation of Existing Best Practices  , but got a "Page not found" error. Is it just my computer being too far back in the sticks or...?
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