• NFPA Live: Free Public Education Resources for Rural Communities

    How do you put together a fire safety program with little to no budget?  Join us to learn about free resources from NFPA and get excited about starting a program or enhancing your program.   Join Kelly Rans...
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  • NFPA Live: Wildfire safety resources for rural communities

      Wondering what your small, rural community can do to be safer from wildfire? As part of the Rural Fire Symposium at NFPA, I'll be talking with representatives of US fire departments who cope with the challenge...
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  • What to expect at the Rural Symposium

    Hi fellow fire brothers and sisters, I'm a firefighter from Fremont County Fire District in Wyoming, only 2 hours away from Yellowstone. Wyoming is the most remote State having only a little more than half a million...
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  • Another training rant...and wild ideas

    The usual cautions apply... your mileage, hose pressure, etc. may vary, things may be wildly different in your jurisdiction, etc. Speaking from my local, limited, perhaps ignorant perspective, there seem to be too m...
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  • Where’s the Fire? Big Data Tools for Small Departments - Join Me!

    I’m excited to participate in the NFPA Rural Fire and Life Safety Symposium later this week. I will be presenting on how data solutions can alleviate many of the challenges fire departments face and how the NFPA...
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  • Do you mind if I rant about training?

    To expand on a reply on another thread.  It seems hard to get training for rural firefighters; fire academies may be far distant from rural areas and small, rural departments may lack training money. And, some ru...
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  • Greetings from Cape Cod

    Hi All, I'm chief of a small fire department on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.  We protect a community of 3500 people -- 1200 households.  Our village is overwhelmingly single family homes.  We run an ALS ...
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  • Greetings from Pender Island in BC Canada

    Hi All - My name is Charlie Boyte and am the fire chief for the Pender Islands in BC Canada. I joined the fire service in 1983. I have seen and learned a lot since then and hope to learn lots more from all t...
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  • Introduction & Question

    Hello, My name is Ron Chilston and I am the Assistant Chief for the Jerome Fire Department in Jerome Az.  We are a small mountainside community in Northern Arizona that is on the National Registry of Historic Pl...
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  • Can the AFG be changed IF it is renewed?

    There are 2 major problems I see with the AFG "rules" that desperately need to be changed to facilitate smaller department participation and/or awarding.   1) The cost share category. The last category (5% cost ...
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  • Volunteer Firefighter Turnover & Experience Gap

    Hi All: Is anyone else experiencing a rapid or increasing turnover among their volunteer force, and/or a gap between a large force of young and inexperienced volunteer firefighters and a small (and getting smaller) g...
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  • Hi, My Name Is...

    Now that we're up and running, this discussion is now closed. Please feel free to contribute to open discussions, or start your own!   Welcome to the Rural Firefighter Connection! Take a minute to introduce your...
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  • It's a Rural Thing

    NFPA will host two Rural Fire and Life Safety Symposia in April (Canada) and May (U.S.) to discuss the challenges and needs of the rural fire service.   While space is limited at each Symposium, your voice and o...
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