• Join NFPA for free webinar on Fire Prevention Week strategies

    Do you want to get a jump-start on ways to promote this year’s Fire Prevention Week theme? Fire Prevention Week 2017 is October 8-14. However, fire departments, injury prevention experts, and fire and life safet...
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  • How do you prepare for firefighting in summer conditions?

    I saw this article and thought of some of the folks I met from the Arizona, New Mexico, and other western states at the Rural Firefighting Symposium in May.   Any tips to share around preparing for the heat of s...
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  • Fire alarms in elementary schools and young children

    Good afternoon all, This past week I had a conversation with a 6 year old in an elementary school after he pulled the fire alarm. I gave the standard, "We could have been needed elsewhere", speech. Does the NFPA or...
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  • Free training opportunity: Remembering  When Scholarship Conference

    Applications are now being accepted for the 2017 Remembering When Scholarship Conference. If you are interested in learning more about how to help older adults in your community reduce fire and falls risks at home, co...
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  • NFPA Wants to Know: Programs & Partnerships?

     One theme that has come through loud and clear as we're having conversations with rural departments is there are budget constraints, and often a lack of resources to develop materials and programs to drive ...
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  • Fire Prevention Week Prep Resources - Social Media Plans, Fundraising Letters, & More!

    Don't forget NFPA offers a variety of free resources via the Public Education section on the website.   Newest resources for 2017 Fire Prevention Week (October 8-14) are available now and include social media me...
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  • 2017 Canadian Rural Symposium in the books!

    Thank you to all who attended our 2017 Canadian Rural Symposium! We learned a lot about the specific challenges and issues your departments face, and look forward to problem-solving together. We'll provide some takeaw...
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  • Thank you, NFPA!

    Just wanted to thank the TREMENDOUS staff at NFPA for putting on a first class "Spotlight on Public Education" within the NFPA Conference & Expo in Boston. I had the amazing opportunity to start off our Monday wit...
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  • Proposed Reduction and Cuts in National Fire Service Budget - Reactions?

    Fire Fighter Nation recently shared two articles on the national budget and potential impact to rural firefighters.    Is this something being discussed in your jurisdictions?   Reductions and Cuts Se...
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  • NFPA Fire and Life Safety Education Resources.pdf

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  • How do you enforce building codes in old rural buildings?

    Living in a small town (a little over 7000 people) we have many older buildings, we have places likes old saloon's, retail but also multi apartment complexes where old wire sticks out of the walls and ceilings and the...
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  • Thank you to NFPA

    My sincerest thanks go out to all the participants in the Rural Fire and Life Safety and NFPA staff in Boston.  Our guiding light -- the amazing NFPA staff demonstrated that they are truly committed to their work...
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  • Social Media Resources

    It was great to be a part of the Rural Firefighting Symposium last week - thank you to all those who made the trip to Quincy to share your thoughts with my colleagues and me!   One topic we touched on was how yo...
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  • Fire Officer Selection

    Please tell us how your fire officers are selected for your department.
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  • Volunteers and Jobs

    How do you or what do you do to get employers to allow their workers to leave and take calls in your community?  I have several that allow them to but they must clock out and lose money to take calls.  Some ...
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  • As U.S. fire departments struggle to provide firefighters with adequate PPE and SCBA, upcoming NFPA webinar identifies where they’re falling short

    Many U.S. fire departments are struggling to provide firefighters with the PPE and SCBA needed to keep them safe from contaminant exposure. That’s according to NFPA’s Fourth Needs Assessment survey, which ...
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  • NFPA Rural Symposium - Quincy, MA

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  • Fire Safety Across Generations

    charlieboyte Here is a taste of the presentation I was referring to that addresses generational differences.  
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  • What motivates our members to service?

    What are the various factors that motivate each of the generations listed below to prioritize their time?   Gen Z, iGen, or Centennials: Born 1996 and later. Millennials or Gen Y: Born 1977 to 1995. Generation X...
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  • Introduction

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to this group.      Jeff Donahue Regional Education Specialist Public Education Division 617.984.7277 702.468.6049 cell jdonahue@nf...
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