• AED Grants

    Anyone know of available grants for AEDs?  Our department has three old Aed10 from Welch Allyn and they are no longer supporting it and defibrillator pads are nearly impossible to find anymore.  We have a la...
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  • Fire alarms in elementary schools and young children

    Good afternoon all, This past week I had a conversation with a 6 year old in an elementary school after he pulled the fire alarm. I gave the standard, "We could have been needed elsewhere", speech. Does the NFPA or...
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  • What motivates our members to service?

    What are the various factors that motivate each of the generations listed below to prioritize their time?   Gen Z, iGen, or Centennials: Born 1996 and later. Millennials or Gen Y: Born 1977 to 1995. Generation X...
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  • symposium

    Ok, this is my first time ever attending a symposium. Can anyone in the group fill me in on what to expect. I want to take full benefit of this opportunity, and be beneficial to the group. I'm looking forward to meeti...
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  • How should we define "Rural"?

    Seems like a simple question - on the surface - but the issue of a clear definition is key to addressing problems & issues.    I pose this question because the U.S. federal government has 15 d...
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  • FDIC 2017

    Is anyone from the group attending FDIC this week? If so what classes (if any) are you looking forward to?  This will be my second trip up, but only hitting the vendor showcase this time.  
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  • AFG Fire Prevention Grant now open

    The Fire Prevention and Safety Grant (FEMA) period is now open and closes on May 19 at 1700 hrs. (Eastern).  Be sure to consider applying for a worthy project/program. Fire Prevention & Safety Grants | ...
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  • At nfpa.org/rural, "Mitigation of the Rural Fire Problem..." gets me a "Page not found" error.

    At nfpa.org/rural, I tried clicking on  Mitigation of the Rural Fire Problem: Strategies Based on Original Research and Adaptation of Existing Best Practices  , but got a "Page not found" error. Is it just m...
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  • Update on Rural Fire Symposium

    I am volunteer chief in rural Nova Scotia and I am very interested in seeing results of the recent discussions held in Toronto in regards to fire fighting in rural Canada. Any time line as to when the discussions will...
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