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Water Based Fire Protection

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Alaa Galal
How can I calculate the fire flow area for a project includes many buildings other than one-and two - family dwellings. ? the site consists of many apartment buildings, villas and townhouses of two and three floors. my question is how to calculate  the fire flow area to get the required fire flow from NFPA 1 table  is it the total… (Show more)
in Water Based Fire Protection
Pedro Maia
Dear Experts The siesmic hazard maps on the USGS site has been discontinued. How can we find Ss values for African places? Thanks
in Water Based Fire Protection
Eby Daniel
Dear Sir, As per NFPA-11, Clause “Galvanized pipe shall be used” and “Pipe carrying foam concentrate shall not be galvanized.”. Advice, if the Foam System is occupied with closed sprinkler system with deluge system, What type of pipe need to used after Deluge valve (not in Concentrated Foam line)? Shall we can use Galvanized Pipes… (Show more)
in Water Based Fire Protection
Justin Smith
Our AHJ has only adopted NFPA 25(2008) ATM. The question here is, if a inspector notices the loss of power is not announciating at the FA panel.. Should this  be written up as a deficiency? I will outline below why I believe it should be   As per NFPA 25, there are many of requirments that a fire pumps requires to meet, as for 8.1.2 (4) indicates… (Show more)
in Water Based Fire Protection
Richard Tracy
Are air bleeders required to be installed on dry standpipe systems?  I cannot find any code which requires them.  Does anyone know where I can find this information?
in Water Based Fire Protection