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Hello,     I am looking for clarification as it pertains to privacy curtains.   I know that is they meet the three components below then they are not considered an obstruction.  But in the circumstance when then mesh is  15", then does it become an obstruction and therefore subject to the chart.  So for example a curtain with 9.5" of… (Show more)
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A client of ours proposed this sprinkler system schematics for Steam Turbine Bearing Pedestal. The required flow is 2000 LPM and based on calculations from contractor, the minimum allowable diameter is 83.43mm, which will be satisfied if DN100 is used. However, as seen in the attached figure, the client proposed a reducing pipe size as sprinkler… (Show more)
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Hello, Regarding fire and/or smoke resistance rated barriers. I've noticed doors in these barriers do not carry the same fire resistance rating as the barrier itself. I.e., a 1 hr. fire resistance rated barrier has a 45 minute rated door, or a smoke barrier (1hr. fire resistance rating) has a 20  minute fire resistance rating. Please advise.… (Show more)
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I'm working on a liquid storage area and with regard to ventilation, Section 18.6.1 & 18.6.2 of NFPA 30 (2018) require a horizontal air flow in liquid dispensing areas to ensure movement across all portions of the floor and prevent accumulation of flammable vapors.  This is contrary to guidance provided by the American Conference of Governmental… (Show more)
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Click to view content                                        Thanks to NFPA and its readers they surely understand the true dimension of our technology, which is none other than small advantageous technical details that its design contains and that is implicit in DTM contributing to the general well-being. That this virtue of DTM, apparent simplicity, is not… (Show more)
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NFPA 20 (yr 2013) Table 4.26a has recommended minimum pipe sizes of discharge pipe according to pump flow rate. Does that mean that is the minimum size of the fire water main. For example if our pump flow rate is 2000 USgpm for which the table recommended minimum size of discharge pipe is 10 inch, should we run a pipe of 10 inch throughout the… (Show more)
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Solutions for OSHA and NFPA 70E ComplianceSchneider Electric is a recognized leader in promoting electrical workplace safety and helping companies comply with the requirements of NFPA 70E: Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace. OSHA enforces electrical workplace safety standards outlined in NFPA 70E: Standard for Electrical Safety in the… (Show more)
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