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Women in Fire Safety

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Is an EH pipe schedule AS system designed specifically for EH 1 and 2 occupancies? (I know that seems obvious but I've been told "no", that ordinary pipe schedule systems are only designed for Light and ordinary hazard occupancies, and am questioning that answer). Is an EH pipe schedule AS adequately designed for storage of a certain… (Show more)
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I was reading the new 2019 version of the NFPA 51B Fire Prevention During Welding, Cutting, and other Hot Work and in section 5.631.1 it talks about "maintaining fire watch for 1 hour after completion of hot work operations", assuming that fire watch is required. Further down under figure A. (Sample of Hot Work Permit) under the section for… (Show more)
Does anyone know of a checklist or an inventory or requirements per code that may apply to a specific industry or business. What I am really looking for is a summary list with requirements per each code. Something similar to the attachment. Maybe even an audit form to help narrow what standards apply. #Easy Code Finding Requirements
Click to view contentIn Support of Architecture Month  The benefits of lightning protection systems are in the forefront of construction as architects seek to make buildings more sustainable.  According to the American Institute of Architects, sustainability is a key element of the architecture profession's approach to design in the 21st century. As architects are… (Show more)
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