Smoke alarms and doors

Blog Post created by carretero110 on Nov 2, 2019

Smoke alarms and doors are not two separate realities.
We have to flee from seeing smoke alarms and the doors of our homes as two separate realities. The synergies between these two elements, such as first-order preventive resources, are known to all firefighters for the avoidance of victims.
DTM as an innovative configuration for the latest generation smoke alarms, aims to achieve the necessary and indispensable evolution towards authentic home lifeguards. To ensure that the alarm-door link is understood as soon as possible by the industry as an unbreakable and powerful configuration for the increase of security and sensorization of our homes, which brings us the intended standardization. Now that the rate of change in new technologies is faster than ever. Households and the fire protection sector need that agile approach to its implementation.
From our innovation, opportunities and new developments in security arise for all technological corporations, which are included in our patents, we do not cease to show.
The simplification of criteria and the increase of protection ranges in households are our hallmark. Everything, thanks to that precise control of the lintel door as a forced passage of smoke in its propagation.
We are proud to have found the connection point between smoke alarms and doors, in short a tangency as defined and beneficial, as necessary for our safety in particular, and for the economy in general.
We can save many lives, so our insistence and request for involvement of all agents in the security chain, mainly technology corporations and manufacturers, necessary for its manufacture in a shorter period of time.
DTM team.