Review of alarms by NFPA evidence, now! the necessary #EvolutionHangLife

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Starting the house on the roof for us is not the most appropriate, but it is certainly an advance and therefore we congratulate the companies that sponsor and collaborate in this study to review the effectiveness of the activation of the sound alarm signal, Definitely a step.


Main sponsors: Nest, Kidde


Participating sponsors: Siemens, Johnson Controls International, NEMA 3SB, Honeywell, Gentex.


It turns out that the NFPA Research Foundation is conducting a "Review of the effectiveness of the activation of the audible alarm signal" not to mention that there are obviously problems. Eureka "An important finding of the experimental tests is that the 520 Hz square wave T-3 sound was the most effective signal to wake up the populations at risk" it seems that we are on the right track, and surely the 11 advantages soon that we demonstrate with DTM innovation, they will also be taken into account, since with the evolution of current fires it is more than necessary to review everything, not only the wave signals, it is also necessary to take control of the doors, protect the sensors of the high temperatures accumulated in the ceilings, to eliminate the screws to eliminate the barriers that supposes all installation, in short the change of paradigm that we have been proposing from DTM.


We started as a concept and a series of undeniable advantages for security and now we work to completely change the way people protect their homes to help reduce the number of victims of fire smoke inhalation. That is why we provoke large technology corporations, which have the real capacity to implement the proposed advantages and foster evolution.


A simple gesture for humanity, a breakthrough for security  #EvolutionHangLife






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Let's go slowly but with firm step.


Thanks to everyone


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