This should never happen.

Blog Post created by carretero110 on Jul 1, 2020


Thanks to NFPA and its readers they surely understand the true dimension of our technology, which is none other than small advantageous technical details that its design contains and that is implicit in DTM contributing to the general well-being. That this virtue of DTM, apparent simplicity, is not exploited by third parties, thus hiding the great real complexity that came to us in reaching this solution. That revolutionary and disruptive character belongs to us, since it has provided a significant change of mentalities in these companies that plagiarize us.
By providing something more, we will say that our solution, even though it predates that of these three companies, the real success lies in the fact that DTM is a well-defined solution, in short, a world-class patent in our field of action: Home Security and Ecosystem.

This should never happen.

DTM Team