smart evacuation plans & occupant tracking - just an idea

Idea created by spmp87 on Oct 23, 2015
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    This is my first post in NFPA xchange

    i was thinking of electronic display boards which can be used as smart evacuation display screens. These display screens can be connected to fire alarm panels or BMS through a special software ( no idea about software programming) which can create appropriate or preferable evacuation routes for the occupants from the evacuation plan location as per the fire location input from fire alarm system. These evacuation routes can be displayed on these screens in the event of fire. This software shall be capable of creating escape routes as per the initial input from evacuation design and the current location of fire.

    On the failure of the system, these display board shall show the default escape routes as what we use today.

    Next thing is a tracking system for smart watch or mobile of the occupants through RFID or mobile tracking. this might require a smart watch / mobile app. this tracking system shall be of emergency use. Through this we can find the location of occupants trapped in the fire area. Tracking through mobile might need installation of high end technology inside the premises ( i think so). but the RFID might be a cheaper option. This can be easily adapted in business occupancy where most of occupants wear id cards which already use RFID technology. i think we have to use active RFID technology to enhance the tracking range.

    these are just an idea. comment on the feasibility or non-feasibility of this idea. Many of you can improvise this. if this is a dumb idea please ignore. thanks