Fire/Smoke detectors in Switch Houses

Idea created by phillipsc2 on Nov 30, 2015
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    Due to recent events on-site, we are either removing or re-thinking the fire protection scheme in our electrical switch houses.


    In our industrial facility, we have several electrical switch houses and power distribution centers that have no fire suppression systems. Plant operators and staff must routinely enter these buildings and take readings. We believe that if smoke or fire is detected by the detectors, no one should enter, and if inside they should evacuate.


    Having a smoke/fire detector system installed in these buildings could present a hazard if the fire hazard/safety philosophy is not addressed. For most people, especially if untrained, when the alarm sounds the inclination is to run in and check it out. However, if there's smoke in our switch houses there's a good chance that an explosion caused by an electrical arc or battery failure will follow.



    Our smoke detector/fire suppression system has a warning light mounted outside, with a placard that reads 'DO NOT ENTER'.



    This works for us but may not be readily enforceable at your facility. However, I believe the idea is sound and could be implemented with some adjustments to your facility and workforce.