Seniors Prevention Talks

Idea created by d_rydall on Sep 19, 2017
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    Recently I had a information table at a Senior Citizen's Fair in my Municipality. I did some research prior to and the number one thing Seniors fear the most is losing their mobility. Being involved in a fire did not even make the list; not sure how far down it would be had the list not been a top ten list. So a little brainstorming had me introduce myself and ask them what their worst fear was, one on one at the information booth. Fire was never mentioned but surprisingly the mobility issue did come up over the 5 hours spent at the event. So I made the case, and questioned them, " How would you think being involved in a fire situation would affect your short term and long term mobility?" Well talk about your "Deer in the headlights" moment. I now had a captive audience and the conversation became quite a concern for their well being. Suddenly with just that question, fire safety became their number one concern... Kitchen safety, detection, loose sleeves, unattended cooking, smoking and exiting all became serious considerations. Food for thought on your next opportunity to talk to a group of adults.