Sparkys Sleepover

Idea created by d_rydall on Nov 1, 2018
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    Several years ago I sent a Sparky the fire dog home with each Grade 1 student on a rotational basis along with a video and notebook for parents. The rules of the sleepover were that the smoke alarms had to be tested and a home escape drill be performed for it to be safe for Sparky to stay over. Also, a Ontario fire marshal video "No time to Spare" was sent for parents to watch on their own after the kids were tucked into bed. This video was a re-creation of a fire fatality that happened in Ontario and showed just how fast a modern home can become an inferno. The parents were to write feedback in the notebook after watching the video clip.

    no time to spare fire video - Bing video 

    The feedback was amazing and the commitment from the parents to ensure their smoke alarms were working was fantastic. If you do not have the resources to send out a stuffed Sparky a recent neighboring department utilized a color printed Sparky and laminated it so cleaning and sanitizing was simple.

    Just another method of getting our message out there!

    Stay safe and look into joining the NFPA Education Section it is free for members. I am committing to posting on a regular basis to build our resources and always welcome new ideas and tips! 

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