Fall Prevention Bookmarks

Idea created by willettslinda on Jan 17, 2019

    Make and deliver these bookmarks at places Seniors frequent like public libraries, book stores, senior centers, or residential facilities for example. Tape your contact information at the inside bottom of the box you are using to display at these locations so you can be contacted when it needs replenished. You might want to distribute at the conclusion of a Remembering When presentation as a gift/freebie instead of having to purchase items.  


    Use card stock to make copies.  Use a hole punch at the top, cut yarn to 10 inch length and thread through. It is optional to laminate but you might choose to do so.


    Let's keep this important information fresh and in people's minds!


    If you want an emailed copy: willettslinda@fire.mtfpd.org

    Originally created as a google doc