Idea created by morganelectric on May 21, 2019


    The following is an idea I have concerning the hazards we or anyone may occur regarding the required driven ground rods for temporary power poles being serviced by underground pad mounted transformers.


    The extreme hazard is the location of any driven rod in the area of primary and or secondary power lines.  The safe area is really small when all the conduits may have energized wires with no exact way to know where they have been installed.


    My question is:  Could it be made mandatory that the manufacturer and or any power company be required to install a permanent ground lug or grounding bar on the exterior frame of the transformer so grounding could be readily available to ground temporary poles in lieu of a driven rod.  It is my understanding that power company transformers are permanently grounded through their installation system and simple grounding bar could provide a safety element and eliminate a hazard.


    Thank you for your time.

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